Monday, September 28, 2020

Quilt Quark Gallery - Cindy Lange

Scrap top, Kona Solids, 48” x 62”, quilted in walking foot waves and bound in black. Already on its way to a friend in the Michigan U.P. where it’s needed more than here. 

The last time I squared up a non-traditional quilt top I kept cutting off a little bit, a little bit, until I’d cut off A LOT, and I still ended up binding a janky trapezoid. I really like this top and I didn’t want to amputate. What to do? I remembered back when Paige Alexander demonstrated her blocking technique for us. I‘d enjoyed seeing how a sewist of her caliber goes about her craft, but didn’t think it had any application for the basic stuff I do. But as my Mother used to say, “Learning is never wasted.”

Here’s my entire rig, not nearly as elaborate as Paige’s: a cheap tiling perpendicular laser and my biggest ruler, deployed on my fuzzy thread covered floor. It helped enormously and I’m sure I’ll use it again.


Pattern is “Club Noir” from the book Colorful Quilts for Fabric Lovers by Walsh and Burke. It measures 54” x 72”.

Top fabrics are solids from RJR Kona and Connecting Threads.

Back is a Vlisco wax print. I found a steal online for a six yard piece. Probably crazy to use as a backing fabric but this quilt is for my son-in-law and he’s worth it.

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