Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Highlights from July 2017 Meeting

Cheryl Brickey's, new seminar, Subtracting for Minimalism, was inspirational this past Saturday, as well as, fun to watch as she walked us through her step by step process of how to remove quilt composition elements for a minimalist quilt design.

Some of the classic quilt blocks (like Ohio Star (shown above), Log Cabin, Pinwheel Pop), she applied her technique and amazingly by removing parts of the whole, the quilt pattern took on a new refinement, that yes, was more minimalistic, but at the same time unique with a contemporary flair.

Cheryl Brickey (left) walking us through her process and (right) Her quilt called State of Being was featured in MQG 2016
Interestingly, for each of her examples, your eye completes the design of what should be there, while at the same time, appreciating the new design for what is not there!

Thank you Cheryl for your preparation, discussion and showing us how to apply the minimalist technique with or without software. We all walked away with invaluable information and thoughts of possibilities ;-)

August Challenge - Coming Next Month

It's not to late to get started.....Here are the criteria for this year's prize-winning challenge:
    • Quilt size - not to exceed 36" on one side
    • Pattern name: Birds in the Air
    • Use at least three (3) of the 8 elements in modern quilt design listed below:
      • bright/graphic color palette
      • negative space
      • minimalism
      • no borders
      • improvisational piecing
      • alternate grid work
      • asymmetry
      • exaggerated scale
    • Note: the interpretation of this pattern is "open" to your imagination!!!!!

Show & Share

Did you notice? Each person who showed their quilting project(s) this month added a "unique factor" to their project. I like that....it's those personal elements that make each quilt -- one of a kind.
Michele Blake - Baby quilt from Jaybird Quilts using Tiny Dancer Pattern
Ruth Freyer- Two quilts for charity (left) Vibrant patchwork colors and (right) Bjorn Bear pattern by Elizabeth Hartman
Teri Krugman - her final project from a Jane Sassaman workshop
Faye Jones - two charity quilts (left) Flamingos with spiral quilting (right) Vibrant squares & dots using ruler quilting
Johnny McKenzie - (left) Eclispe wall hanging (center) Earthquake shifting plates (right) Fun pillows using solids
Cheryl Brickey - Arrow Point Path 


Faye Jone's report of how GMQG Comfort quilts make a difference in children's lives is always so meaningful and touching.  But, as she mentioned this time, even the staff are touched as they watch the children pick out a quilt to hug and hold on too.

As we enter into the second half of 2017, Faye thanks each of you for your dedication to the success of our Comfort Quilts for Children. She will have four (4) quilts to take to GHS in July.

Also, for those who would like to sew the GMQG label on their charity quilt, Faye and Cindy will have the labels available at each of our meetings for your convenience to pick up.

Modern Skill Builder - Block of the Month (BOM)

The results of June's BOM called Herringbone by designer Alissa Haight Carlton of Handmade by Alissa for Sew Mama Sew.

We had a couple of participants who did a wonderful job in recreating this bold and graphic design.

Thank you.

July's Block nameModern Beauty Block

Designer: Alyssa of Pile O'Fabric

Block size: 12 1/2" x 12 1/2" unfinished, (12" x 12" finished)

Skills this block builds: Modern machine applique

Fabrics/Colors: Same colors as in the Pile O'Fabric tutorial, you can use solids, prints, or a mixture of both:

Background - low volume
  • Fabric A - yellow
  • Fabric B1 - dark blue
  • Fabric B2 - pink 
  • Fabric C - lighter pink than B2

Applique: You may use any applique stitch you would like to stitch down the applique shapes: straight stitch, zigzag, satin, blanket, etc...

Additional items to note:

  • What a fantastic turnout for July.....with 41 total attending!!! It was also great to welcome our five (5) guests. Thank you Paige for your update report to us.
  • Sew-In with Cindy Lammon at:  Bernina Sewing Center - Friday, July 14th from 10:00a.m. - 4:00pm. If you have any questions, please email Cindy @ cindy@hyacinthquiltdesigns.com
  • Check-out Bernina Sewing Center July calendar for sewing and quilting classes. 
  • Aunt Het Quilt Show, October 7-8, 2017 has a new category for modern quilts. The hosts of the show, Nimble Thimble Quilt Guild, has invited GMQG members to consider entering quilts in this category. 
    • The registration form and deadline for the show is September 1, 2017. 
    • For those that enter the show, Faye Jones has volunteered to take our quilts to the show as well as bring them back.
  • MQG- QuiltCon East 2018:  Check out the two challenges both with deadlines November 30, 2017: 
    • Michael Miller - Our Yard Fabric Challenge. 
    • American Patchwork & Quilting Flying Geese. 
  • Cindy Lammon shared with us the opportunity to participate with Bernina Sewing Center in "Global Journey" a special formed group of 20 quilters from the USA and other countries who will be visiting Greenville next May 25, 2018. The goal of the group is to experience the uniqueness of the area through local residents and quilters like ourselves. Here is the website to learn more about this program called Friendship Force Western North Carolina. We will keep you posted as this event nears next year.
  • Cobblestone Quilt Guild is hosting a workshop for "Introduction to Quilt Judging". Below is the information to learn more of the details of the workshop. It will by taught by certified judges Lorraine Covington & Kate Eelkema of the National Association of Certified Quilt Judging on November 10th and 11th.   See below for more information: 
We hope you continue to enjoy your summer and be inspired by the adventures and outings you take. Go ahead and save-the-date for next month's meeting on August 12th.

We look forward to seeing you at:
2310 East North Street, Suite A
Greenville, SC 29607


Saturday, July 1, 2017

Subtracting for Minimalism - July's "Hot" Topic at GMQG

We hope to see you this Saturday to learn more about this intriguing subject:

Subtracting for Minimalism

Our own, GMQG member, Cheryl Brickey will be our featured speaker this Saturday.

As a quilt designer and avid quilter, Cheryl is going to be walking us through her technique of how to remove quilt composition elements for a minimalist quilt design."

This will be a fun visual lecture as well as opportunity to participate.

Come join us.....and please do not forget to bring your Show & Share, Philanthropy and Block of the Month squares. It all begins Saturday from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm at:

2310 East North Street, Suite A
Greenville, SC 29607