Friday, February 10, 2023

Highlights from the February 4, 2023 Meeting:


Our President Ava Moore started the meeting by welcoming guests and new members:

Beth Eastman, Megan S., Diana, Marie and Leslie

Announcements were as follows:

  •  Guild Membership and MQG cards (will be updated in mid to late February)
  •  Innova 2021 w/ navigator for sale; it is priced to sell
  • Smoky Mtn Quilters Show is Jun 23-24, 2023 in Knoxville, TN Call for entries
  •  Western NC MQG, March 18 – National Quilt Day – to be held at the Calvary Episcopal Church, Fletcher, NC.: Piecing Workshop/demonstration for more details
  • Ava showed us her nametag and discussed working on getting name tags for guild


VP Programs – Amanda Stegen gave update for March Meeting

“Quilt ConVersation” – please be prepared to share take aways from QuiltCon

  • Any new or interesting techniques you learned
  • Notes from any class you participated in
  •  Craft or tool that you think would be beneficial to share with group 
  • New technique or design you want to learn more about


Treasurer’s Report – Darleen Sanford

At the end of January our bank balance was $5,400

Please pay your 2023 dues; March 4 deadline to be included in the directory


Membership – Jill Erickson

Jill reported that as of today we have 42 paid members

There were 36 in attendance for today’s meeting

Philanthropy – Duski Coleman

  • Duski reported that 9 quilts were donated to the Prism Health and 4 to tummy time last month
  •  April Meeting – 2 speakers from both the organizations we support (Julie Valentine Center (Greenville Hospital) and Nurse Family Partnership will be speaking
  • April Sew-in - prior to meeting starting @ 9:30 a.m. we will have a sew-in. Bring your machine if you’ll be sewing (not necessary, other things you can help with/work on)
  •  Can bring project of your choice to work on or a philanthropy project
  • Cindy Lange will have blocks to work (similar to our prior project with Valerie)
  •  If you don’t want to bring a machine come and help iron or other various tasks
  • Duski will have simple patterns available
  • Backing fabric has been donated


Additional announcements:

  • Group photo at QuiltCon, Thur, February 23 @ 3:00 p.m. in front of our Quilt Guild Charity Quilt
  • Additional group photo at QuiltCon, Friday, February 24 @ 11:00 a.m. for those in attendance that day
  • “Tammy” has a ticket for a class on Sunday @ QuiltCon that she is unable to attend; see her if interested
  •  Dagmar indicated that the QuiltCon vendor list is available for those interested in checking
  •  Sandra Wolf stated there were still 3 seats available on the bus to QuiltCon @ $32.00 promptly leaving the WalMart parking lot on Pelham @ 6:45 am (boarding 6:30 am)


Library – Ruth Freyer

Ruth informed us that there were some new additions to our library. Check it out – I checked out two awesome books myself . Important – it would be most helpful if when you check out a book you not only list the month and day but also put the year. Not helpful if you only were to put 2/4.


Show and Share:

#1 – Faye Jones – rag quilts. Faye also shared a quilt sandwich for practice with free motion quilting



#2 – Cybil Radius – Improv piecing. 

Cybil also shared Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Carol Lyles for improv piecing.

#3 – Cindy Lange – scrappy quilt 


#4 – Diane McLean – painted lady


#5 – Cindy Moore – Window to the World – paper piecing

Mixed Media – from a linoleum block w/cycle gears


Mentioned the Recraft Store on Haywood in Greenville. Recycling crafts and donating for proceeds.


#6 – Amy and her future daughter-in-law Christy – Both completed their first quilts using the Antique Tile pattern and then donated them to philanthropy.



Our quilt guild member Cheryl Brickey demonstrated EQ8 and its ability to help you create modern designs by playing with scale, pattern, color, negative space, and more. There are a multitude of quilt squares that you can manipulate into a multitude of iterations.

There will likely be a coupon for EQ8 issued during QuiltCon or you can contact Cheryl if interested.

Due to the large number of members already owning EQ8 and their interest in learning how to maneuver through the software there is a possibility Cheryl will do a beginner’s class for EQ8. Please be prepared to sign up at our next meeting so we can find out how many are interested and make future plans.

Our next meeting will be Saturday, March 4, 2023, our guild meeting will run from 1-3 pm at St. Giles Church, 1021 Hudson Road, Greenville, SC. We will be highlighting our QuiltConVersations!


Dawn Holter, Secretary