Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Quilt Quark Gallery - Lynne Harrill

Lynne Harrill made Blankie for Leslie for a Christmas gift using 9.5" strips.  She placed the lighter blocks in the center, which gradually became darker as it radiated out.  She started it on Dec. 1st and finished on Dec. 24th!

"Blankie for Leslie" by Lynne Harrill

Lynne's process of cutting strips...

and more cutting...

and plotting on her design wall.

January 2, 2021, Meeting Highlights


Thanks again to the Modern Quilt Guild for the use of their Zoom account.  We have the following two months of 2021 reserved to continue meeting via Zoom.  At the end of March, we will reassess where we are in terms of social distancing and determine if we are able to move forward with hybrid meetings in person combined with Zoom later on this year.  

If any member would like a recording of today's meeting, please email or Dana Blasi within 14 days of the meeting date and we will email it to you.  Dana's contact information may be found in the GMQG Directory.  

Our next meeting will be held on Saturday, February 6, 2021, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.  Log on between 12:30 and 1:00 p.m. to visit prior to the start of the meeting.  Members will receive an email notice containing the Zoom meeting code and password prior to the meeting.


If you have forgotten the password to get into the Directory file, please email us at to request it.


We welcomed 35 members to our Zoom meeting this month. 


Today we enjoyed hearing from our new Board members and Committee Chairs who include:  

Board of Directors:
President - Brooke Stambersky
 VP of Programs - Rita Sassone
Treasurer - Cindy Lange
Secretary - Dana Blasi
Membership - Jill Erickson

  Committee Chairs:
Outside Speaker Coordinator - Dagmar Theodore
  Philanthropy and Spring Retreat Co-Chair - Faye Jones
 Spring Retreat Co-Chair and Sew-In Chair - Sandy Helsel
 Librarian - Darleen Sanford
 Facility Coordinator - Marilyn Hagopian
St. Giles Liaison - Nancy deJong
 Holiday Luncheon Fundraiser Chair - Dana Blasi

Contact information for each of the Board Members and Chairs may be found in the GMQG Directory.


Our new VP of Programs, Rita Sassone, has been putting a lot of time and energy into creating and organizing programs for 2021, many of which are already scheduled.  Whether in person or virtually, we are excited about what we have in store for 2021.  

Rita's theme for the year is Inspiration, which was jump started today with Johnnie McKenzie's presentation tying in to our goal of looking at taking any kind of style and making it modern.  Johnnie suggested learning the techniques and how to construct what you're making and then making it modern.  

Rita also chooses a word to represent the year every January and this year it is Resilient, pushing through the struggles you are facing and persevering.  We as a guild believe ourselves to be resilient and know we can persevere through this difficult time.  We encourage everyone to continue to show up to meet virtually and go the distance until we can be together again!

Looking forward, Rita asked us to be dusting off one of our favorite quilting books.  Think about which one you have come to love and enjoy -  we are going to do something special with it in April.

Also, if anyone has any ideas of things they'd like to see presented or perhaps has taken a class they'd like to share, for example, please get in touch with Rita.  We want to encourage open communication from the members.  This is your guild and we need you to speak up to let us know what you're thinking.  Many modern quilt guilds are posting what they are doing virtually on Facebook and Instagram and we are open to hearing about how they are dealing with the "new normal" of meeting online.


Many thanks to Johnnie McKenzie for sharing how one captures an inspirational idea, develops it, and executes it to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece in her program titled "Creating Original Quilts."  Johnnie feels it is important not only to learn from experts but to share what you know as well.  Her goal this year is to help our members increase their abilities as designers.

Johnnie believes that each of us is an expert quilter in one way or another.  What she would love for you to do is to participate in "10 Minutes of Inspiration."  Brooke and Rita agreed in future we can spend ten minutes of each meeting to share the inspiration for our original designs and the processes we go through.  Why?  Because no matter how long you've been quilting, you can always learn something from somebody else and knowledge not shared is wasted.  Johnnie invites each of you to reach out to her at to share what you are doing and ask any questions you would like. 

Johnnie was recently selected as Artist in Residence by the Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Association  Her exhibit is titled "Maraki" and has over 25 pieces in it, which are also for sale.  Their website has not been updated quite yet with Johnnie's bio and details of some of the pieces, but will be by Jan. 16, the official date of her opening and Opening Reception.  You can see her beautiful collection of work at the Art Center located at:

Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Association Art Center
420 W. Main Street
Blue Ridge, GA  30513

Artist in Residence
January 16 - April 3, 2021
Opening Reception January 16, 2021, 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.


Quilts Made by Men - The Men Who Quilt:  A Presentation by Travis Seward.

In 2003 The Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum held its first show featuring quilts made by men.  Novel at the time because quilting had been considered women's work and few men were known to quilt.  Since 2003, more men have emerged and are participating in the art and craft of quilting.  Travis will highlight the work quilts made by men and discuss the community of male quilters today in our February meeting.


We now have a new option to pay annual dues through our charitable account with PayPal.  A "heads-up" email will go out to the membership explaining that those of you who have not yet had a chance to submit your dues will be receiving an invoice directly from PayPal as an option to pay electronically.  The PayPal invoice will come directly from PayPal the day after the heads-up email.  In order that you would know it is not a scam, we are sending the heads up email with a picture of what the PayPal invoice will look like.  It is not mandatory to pay this way.  If you are paying by check, please mail it to Treasurer Cindy Lange.  Her contact details may be found in the GMQG Directory.


We are looking for volunteers to chair and/or participate in a new subcommittee we are proposing to review procedures for adding classified ads to our blog for members to sell their quilty items and for quilt related businesses to advertise on the blog, in the Directory, and possibly on Facebook.  Contact Brooke Stambersky to volunteer to participate in the Classified Ads Subcommittee.  Brooke's contact information may be found in the GMQG Directory.


Should you have any books you checked out from the library, please contact Darleen Sanford to make arrangements to return them.  Darleen's contact information may be found in the GMQG Directory.


The Board and Committee Chairs decided to table Block of the Month for the time being until such time as we can meet in person again (hopefully soon!).


Please go to the Quilt Quark Gallery to see the beautiful quilts made for Show & Share this month.

> Jean Gardiner made a throw-sized quilt using the Zipline pattern by Bear Hug Quilt Works and hand quilted it in large stitches.

> Lynne Harrill made Blankie for Leslie for a Christmas gift using 9.5" strips.  She placed the lighter blocks in the center, which gradually became darker as it radiated out.  She started it on Dec. 1st and finished on Dec. 24th!

> Travis Seward took on his first commissioned quilt, Variation on an Irish Chain, which was gifted as a Christmas present.  He prepared five designs for his clients from which to pick.

Thanks to all our quilters for their Show & Shares!  Please continue to share your quilts with us by emailing photos to  We would like to thank our quilters for cropping their photos before emailing them to us as we are unable to do so on our end.  You may also post your photos on our Facebook page, but please take note that we have no means to automatically transfer photos from FB to our blog.  That may only be accomplished by emailing them to our Gmail (address above).   

SEW-IN:  The next Sew-In is on hold at the moment.  Further updates will be forthcoming.


Gees Bend Retreats is going to open up registration in April 2021 for the next retreat to occur in 2022.  For further information, contact past attendees Faye Jones or Rita Sassone (see GMQG Directory) and/or go to geesbendquiltingretreats dot com and sign up to be notified.  We are told it fills up fast.

Check out the GMQG Instagram account at @greenvillemqg (#greenvillemqg).

The Modern Quilt Guild website (themodernquiltguild dot com) has a plethora of free webinars and patterns available to all its members. 

Skillshare dot com has a myriad of inexpensive classes to take.

If members come across a link or other information they would like to share, they may forward it to President Brooke Stambersky (see GMQG Directory) to be shared at the next meeting.

See you next month!

Quilt Quark Gallery - Travis Seward

Variation on an Irish Chain
Travis Seward took on his first commissioned quilt, Variation on an Irish Chain, which was gifted as a Christmas present.  He prepared five designs for his clients from which to pick.

"Variation on an Irish Chain" by Travis Seward

Close up of piecing in "Variation on an Irish Chain"

Quilted arcs in "Variation on an Irish Chain"

Friday, January 1, 2021

Quilt Quark Gallery - Jean Gardiner

Jean Gardiner made this quilt using the Zipline pattern by Bear Hug Quilt Works and hand quilted it in large stitches.

"Zipline" by Jean Gardiner

Close up of Jean's Hand Quilted Stitching

Upcoming Meeting - Jan. 2, 2021 - 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

 We look forward to seeing you this month on Saturday, January 2, from 1-3 (Zoom access to start early at 12:30 if you want to socialize before the meeting that begins at 1:00).  

Welcome to the first GMQG meeting of 2021!  We hope you had a wonderful and restful holiday.

Covid has had quite an impact on us this past year.  That being said, we are all pressing forward and hopeful for a healthy, healed and prosperous new year!  We as a Board have met and are excited to be a part of this MQG!!  Our first quarter is already planned and we are thrilled to have you be a part of our meetings.

We have been working diligently to create a new and interesting program for 2021.  We will be meeting this Saturday, January 2nd, and sharing some of the ideas for future programs.  Our theme for the year is "Inspirations."  Join us as Johnnie McKenzie shares with us a program titled "Creating Original Quilts."  In this session, she will share how one captures an inspirational idea, develops it, and executes it to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

We hope to see you this weekend!

Brooke Stambersky, President
Rita Sassone, VP Programs

Greenville Modern Quilt Guild 
Meetings usually the 1st Saturday of the month from 1pm-3pm

Quilt Quark Gallery - December 2020 - Elf Swap

In lieu of our annual Holiday Lottery Auction party, several member elves signed up to create something lovely to gift to another elf in the Elf Swap organized by Faye Jones.

Faye made a 20” x 20” modern minimalist, paper-pieced depiction of the Three Wise Men on a navy-blue Kona cotton background of her own design for Valorie.  Faye left it unquilted to give Valorie the choice of quilting it herself or having Faye do so.  Valorie happily accepted the challenge!

Valorie made a 16” x 19” textured navy-blue tote bag using Robert Kaufman Kona cotton by Carolyn Friedlander lined with a gold print from their Imperial line, beautifully quilted with gold metallic thread for Dana.

Dana machine embroidered two large thimbles in silver metallic thread on a black cotton background, layered over batting and wrapped around a 12” x 12” canvas frame for Dagmar with an embroidered label on the back featuring a Dala horse.

Dagmar made a 20” x 20” table topper/wall hanging of a modern snowflake in glittery white fabric on a background of turquoise for Susan with a machine-stitched salutation on one edge of the binding.

Susan pieced and hand-quilted a white Snazzy Snowflake block by Highway 10 Designs on a cobalt blue background with a hand-stitched binding and custom ‘Elf Swap’ label featuring the Elf himself for Sandy.

Sandy made a roomy zippered, six-pocketed Barbados bag in Christmas holly fabrics with adjustable handles secured on the side with a swivel hook and D-rings using a pattern by Pink Sand Beach Designs for Cynthia that is even weighted at the bottom to facilitate standing up on its own.

Cynthia made a straight-line quilted 20” square Essex-linen-backed, zippered pillow appliqued with a wreath and inner circle made of a multitude of many colored, recycled, sari silk fabric strips with a detachable bow made of silk recycled from a pair of slacks for Faye.

Many thanks to Faye for organizing this fun gifting project and to all of those who participated.  Everyone was delighted with the creative gifts custom made just for them!