Friday, January 1, 2021

Quilt Quark Gallery - December 2020 - Elf Swap

In lieu of our annual Holiday Lottery Auction party, several member elves signed up to create something lovely to gift to another elf in the Elf Swap organized by Faye Jones.

Faye made a 20” x 20” modern minimalist, paper-pieced depiction of the Three Wise Men on a navy-blue Kona cotton background of her own design for Valorie.  Faye left it unquilted to give Valorie the choice of quilting it herself or having Faye do so.  Valorie happily accepted the challenge!

Valorie made a 16” x 19” textured navy-blue tote bag using Robert Kaufman Kona cotton by Carolyn Friedlander lined with a gold print from their Imperial line, beautifully quilted with gold metallic thread for Dana.

Dana machine embroidered two large thimbles in silver metallic thread on a black cotton background, layered over batting and wrapped around a 12” x 12” canvas frame for Dagmar with an embroidered label on the back featuring a Dala horse.

Dagmar made a 20” x 20” table topper/wall hanging of a modern snowflake in glittery white fabric on a background of turquoise for Susan with a machine-stitched salutation on one edge of the binding.

Susan pieced and hand-quilted a white Snazzy Snowflake block by Highway 10 Designs on a cobalt blue background with a hand-stitched binding and custom ‘Elf Swap’ label featuring the Elf himself for Sandy.

Sandy made a roomy zippered, six-pocketed Barbados bag in Christmas holly fabrics with adjustable handles secured on the side with a swivel hook and D-rings using a pattern by Pink Sand Beach Designs for Cynthia that is even weighted at the bottom to facilitate standing up on its own.

Cynthia made a straight-line quilted 20” square Essex-linen-backed, zippered pillow appliqued with a wreath and inner circle made of a multitude of many colored, recycled, sari silk fabric strips with a detachable bow made of silk recycled from a pair of slacks for Faye.

Many thanks to Faye for organizing this fun gifting project and to all of those who participated.  Everyone was delighted with the creative gifts custom made just for them!

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