Saturday, December 12, 2020

December 5, 2020, Meeting Highlights


Thanks again to the Modern Quilt Guild for the use of their Zoom account.  We have the first three months of 2021 reserved to continue meeting via Zoom.  If you would like a recording of today's meeting, please contact or Dana Blasi at danabird57 @ within 14 days from the meeting date and we will email it to you.

Our next meeting will be held on Saturday, January 2, 2021, from 1 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Log on between 12:30 and 1:00 p.m. to visit prior to the start of the meeting.  Members will receive an email notice containing the Zoom meeting code and password prior to the meeting.


Our outgoing president, Dagmar Theodore, expressed her thanks to GMQG for the experience of being president for the year.  She was happy to lend her support to the guild during what has proven to be an unsettling, topsy-turvy year.  Her wishes that we are able to meet again in person soon for the fellowship was seconded by everyone.  She thanked everyone for making it easy for her and wishes our incoming 2021 president, Brooke Stambersky, and new Board members the best of luck!  Dagmar will continue to serve in 2021 as our new Outside Speaker Coordinator.

Special Mention:  As Faye Jones steps down from Programs Chair after carrying the mantle for several years, the GMQG wants to extend its most heartfelt thanks to her for bringing and organizing such a great variety of interesting and informative presentations to our group.  Faye herself wishes to thank the many members who have generously stepped up and shared their wealth of knowledge, some more than once, with the guild.  Faye pointed out the members have a lot to offer and says don't be afraid to come forward to share what you know.  Member-given programs are equally as, if not more, important as those of high-priced experts because it can be more meaningful for us to learn something from someone we know, and to whom we can come later with questions.  Faye will continue to serve as Philanthropy Chairperson.

We also want to give a big thank you to Cheryl Brickey, who is stepping down as Outside Speaker Coordinator, for her dedication to bringing outstanding national speakers to us for the past two years (not to mention giving her own many program presentations) and who stood as president years prior.   With so much to offer, we look forward to her continued teaching talents. 

Sarah Snyder is stepping down as Membership Chair and Emily Pitman is stepping down as Co-Secretary.  Many thanks to these two ladies for their work and devotion to the guild.  We were most fortunate to have them on the 2020 Board.

PROGRAM:  MYSTERY ELF SWAP - Please go to the Quilt Quark Gallery to see the Elf gifts!

In lieu of our annual Holiday Lottery Auction party, several member elves signed up to create something lovely to gift to another elf in the Elf Swap organized by Faye Jones.

>  Faye made a 20” x 20” modern minimalist, paper-pieced depiction of the Three Wise Men on a navy-blue Kona cotton background of her own design for Valorie.  Faye left it unquilted to give Valorie the choice of quilting it herself or having Faye do so.  Valorie happily accepted the challenge!

>  Valorie made a 16” x 19” textured navy-blue tote bag using Robert Kaufman Kona cotton by Carolyn Friedlander lined with a gold print from their Imperial line, beautifully quilted with gold metallic thread for Dana.

>  Dana machine embroidered two large thimbles in silver metallic thread on a black cotton background, layered over batting and wrapped around a 12” x 12” canvas frame for Dagmar with an embroidered label on the back featuring a Dala horse.

>  Dagmar made a 20” x 20” table topper/wall hanging of a modern snowflake in glittery white fabric on a background of turquoise for Susan with a machine-stitched salutation on one edge of the binding.

>  Susan pieced and hand-quilted a white Snazzy Snowflake block by Highway 10 Designs on a cobalt blue background with a hand-stitched binding and custom ‘Elf Swap’ label featuring the Elf himself for Sandy.

>  Sandy made a roomy zippered, six-pocketed Barbados bag in Christmas holly fabrics with adjustable handles secured on the side with a swivel hook and D-rings using a pattern by Pink Sand Beach Designs for Cynthia that is even weighted at the bottom to facilitate standing up on its own.

>  Cynthia made a straight-line quilted 20” square Essex-linen-backed, zippered pillow appliqued with a wreath and inner circle made of a multitude of many colored, recycled, sari silk fabric strips with a detachable bow made of silk recycled from a pair of slacks for Faye.

Many thanks to Faye for organizing this fun gifting project and to all of those who participated.  Everyone was delighted with the creative gifts custom made just for them!


We would like to thank Cynthia Steward for a year’s worth of superb blocks based on her chosen theme of Modern Quilting Influencers accompanied by thorough, easy-to-understand instructions.  Each month was as informative as the last as she introduced creative modern blocks from a variety of nationally known quilters. 

Next year we are going to take turns each month doing a block.  We have 3 months covered so far and need eight more volunteers to take on one or two blocks.  While we loved her presentations, don’t let Cynthia’s technical prowess intimidate you!  Think of it as a small show and share, no special effects required.  Email incoming president Brooke Stambersky at brooke.stambersky @ or incoming 2021 VP of Programs, Rita Sassone at ritajimenez04 @ to volunteer.


We currently have 80 members and welcomed 19 members to our meeting this month.


Please forward annual dues of $50 to Treasurer Cindy Lange.  You will find her postal address in the GMQG Directory and/or you may reach her at Lange.Cindy @ 

What do you get as a GMQG member?   Access to all our monthly programs, annual national speaker  and workshop (2021 may see two), local workshops, Block of the Month patterns, Spring Retreat, Sew-ins, and quilt challenges are just a few of the things you will find at the GMQG.  Part of your payment goes to the Modern Quilt Guild giving you access to new monthly patterns, national quilt challenges, free webinars, Zoom, and as Leigh Ann once said, “all sorts of modern quilty goodness!”


Faye delivered twelve quilts to Pendleton Place for the Julie Valentine Center.  We are out of small quilts and have two or three twin size remaining.  Pendleton Place homes ten teenage girls at a time and Faye will be asking them if they would like to have the twins and what their needs are.  Faye also plans to start an art program there and we look forward to hearing more about it.

We can use more small "comfy" quilts in the 40"/45" range (usually one fabric width works well) up to 55"/60" but there are no restrictions on sizes.  If you enjoy doing one part of a quilt but not another (top vs. quilting vs. binding), we can find people to do the part you don't like to do!  Just contact Faye at birdie1345 @


Thanks to those of you who sent in your quilts to to share.

Improv Amish Diamond in the Square - Cindy Lange
63" x 63"

Back of Improv Amish Diamond in the Square

Aqua Velva by Cynthia Steward
52" x 60"

Back of Aqua Velva

Pat Davies' 2-Sided Table Runner

Back of 2-sided Table Runner

Quilting Detail of Table Runner

Table Runner on Display

SEW-IN:  We anticipate the next Sew-in to be held in February 2021.  Further updates will be forthcoming.


Gees Bend Retreats is going to open up registration in April 2021 for the next retreat to occur in 2022.  For further information, contact past attendees Faye Jones at birdie1345 @ or Rita Sassone at ritajimenez @ and/or go to geesbendquiltingretreats dot com and sign up to be notified.  We are told it fills up fast.

The GMQG has a Facebook page (greenvillemodernquiltguildbulletinboard) for those members who would like to share photos, links, and info.  No official business will be conducted there since not everyone subscribes to FB. 

Check out the GMQG Instagram account at @greenvillemqg (#greenvillemqg).

The Modern Quilt Guild website has a plethora of free webinars and patterns available to all its members.   For information on its current challenges go to themodernquiltguild dot com.

Skillshare dot com has a myriad of inexpensive classes to take.

If members come across a link or other information they would like to share, they may forward it to incoming 2021 President Brooke Stambersky at brooke.stambersky @ to be shared at the next meeting.

See you next month!