Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Highlights from June 2017 Meeting

We hope you came and enjoyed yourself this past Saturday, June 10th. It was great to see everyone catching up with each other before and after our meeting.  We are a growing group and to help us better stay in touch ...... we now have a GMQG Membership Directory.

We extend a huge "thank you" to Nancy de Jong, our Membership board member, for her time and work in making this possible. She did such an awesome job with the cover and the layout inside. I know we will all appreciate this useful "quilting" tool.  For those unable to attend, Nancy will have copies for you next month.

Celebrating Pathways

Trunk Show featuring Paige Alexander & Lynne Harrill

We had two wonderful, fun and inspirational ladies in our limelight this month. Our meeting was a mini Trunk Show featuring our own guild members Paige Alexander and Lynne Harrill. Each of these ladies shared a distinct pathway of discovery and progress as modern design quilters. I think I can safely say on the Guild's behalf that we thoroughly enjoyed their presentations.

Paige Alexander

For Paige, it all began around 1979 in Mississippi where her Grandmother taught her to sew on a Singer sewing machine. Paige had a special relationship with her Grandmother. When she moved to South Carolina, she brought flower bulbs from her Grandmother's garden to plant in hers. Little did she imagine then, that it would be the inspiration for her first show quilt in 2011 called "Grandmother's Legacy of Flowers" and to this date remains her all time favorite quilt.

From her first quilt in 1983 to the present, Paige has challenged herself in modern design, quilt & sewing techniques and fabric dyeing by attending lectures, classes and workshops. She also steps out of her comfort zone by entering quilt challenges and shows. Below are some of her award winning quilts entered at American Quilters Society (AQS) and QuiltCon.  From the viewers vantage point, you see in each piece her pursuit and love of quilting. It is becoming quite a "portfolio" (more can be seen on her blog: http://www.quiltedblooms.com/)

What is next for Paige? Well, her newest work below "Positively Transparent" is going to be featured soon in a prominent place but as a full size quilt!!!!  and in process, with Stash Books, is a forthcoming book co-authored with Cheryl Brickey.

Left: 1983-First quilt for Aunt's newborn   Right: 2011-All time favorite quilt called "Grandmother's Legacy of Flowers"
Left: 2005-Results from an ugly fabric challenge    Right: 2005-Handkerchief quilt called "New Hanky's"

Left: 2014- at AQS received Honorable Mention   Right: QuiltCon 2nd place for "After Dinner Mints"
Left: Modern quilt with concentric circle quilting  Right:  AQS 2015-Charlotte 2nd Place for "Leafy Lines"
Left: "Peak of Perfection" inspired by Pikes Peak pattern  Right: 2017 - Newest work called"Positively Transparent"

Lynne Harrill

For Lynne, it all began in 1977, when looking at a magazine, a quilt caught her eye. It was a log cabin pattern she would make in earth tone fabrics and hand quilt. Her second quilt was inspired by a Georgia Bonesteel pattern and was also made with fabric colors of the day and amazingly hand quilted. These have become loved family quilts.

The next decade would move Lynne to Georgia and Florida for her husband's work. It was in these transitions and alone-ness, she discovered something new about herself: a love of art, color, fabric dyeing and textiles. At the same time, Lynne was also becoming acquainted with the works from modern quilters (ie. Michael James, Nancy Crow....) that challenged her imagination. She made it a part of her learning experience to attend lectures, classes and workshops. Through the years, her perseverance to explore, experiment and take chances as won her several art and quilt awards.

Today, Lynne exudes creativity and color. She is a textile artist. Her work shown below is a sampling of her passion for interpreting art in textiles. You can see more of her works at her website lynneharrill.weebly.com .

(Left): 1977 First quilt pattern in Family Circle Magazine (Right):1982 "Monkey Wrench" pattern by Georgia Bonesteel 

(Left): 1999 Inspired by Michael James Free motion workshop (Right): Inspired by a modern quilt show in Atlanta, GA
(Left): 2001 Original quilt work called Mr. AtoZ from Star Trek (Right) 2005 Original quilt with wine glass "Fiber Glass"

(Left): 2006 Full Phathom Five (Five colors, 5x5)  (Right): 2012 Black & White called Libation Lane

(Left): 3 colors won 2nd Place at Foothill Quilt Show  (Right): 2013 Interpretative quilt-graining cut threw the mountains 

Additional items to note:
  • Welcome to our visitors. Thank you for coming. Together with our Members we had 28 in attendance. 
  • MQG is publishing a book soon. Kudos to Cheryl Brickey and Paige Alexander who have quilts that will be featured!!!!!  
  • Check-out Bernina Sewing Center June calendar for sewing and quilting classes. 
  • Sew-In with Cindy at:  Bernina Sewing Center - Friday, July 14th from 10:00a.m. - 4:00pm.
    Please purchase a 1/2 yd. of fabric at Bernina for the drawing. 
  • Aunt Het Quilt Show, October 7-8, 2017 has a new category for modern quilts. The hosts of the show, Nimble Thimble Quilt Guild, has invited GMQG members to consider entering quilts in this category. 
    • The registration form and deadline for the show is September 1, 2017. 
    • For those that enter the show, Faye Jones has volunteered to take our quilts to the show as well as bring them back.
  • MQG- QuiltCon East 2018:  Check out the two challenges both with deadlines November 30, 2017: 
    • Michael Miller - Our Yard Fabric Challenge. 
    • American Patchwork & Quilting Flying Geese. 
  • August Quilt Challenge announced!!!!! Here are the criteria for this year's prize-winning challenge:
    • Quilt size - not to exceed 36" on one side
    • Pattern name: Birds in the Air:  http://mamalovequilts.com/2013/01/tutorial-birds-in-air-quilt-block.html . Use at least three (3) of the 8 elements in modern quilt design listed below:
      • bright/graphic color palette
      • negative space
      • minimalism
      • no borders
      • improvisational piecing
      • alternate grid work
      • asymmetry
      • exaggerated scale
    • Note: the interpretation of this pattern is "open" to your imagination!!!!!
Modern Skill Builder - Block of the Month (BOM)

Look at our April/May Block of the Month submissions using:

Block name: Half Square Triangle {Scrappy Strings Style} by Designer: Karen from Blooming Poppies

Good job.....we had several of you test your skills. The vibrant colors look great all laying next to each other.

Are you ready for June's BOM Challenge. Cheryl Brickey has selected "Herringbone:

Designer: Alissa Haight Carlton of Handmade by Alissa for Sew Mama Sew

Web address: http://www.sewmamasew.com/2012/01/modern-block-of-the-month-bom-january-sew-along/

Block size: 12 1/2" x 12 1/2" unfinished, (12" x 12" finished)

The following are instructions with fabric colors.

  1. Fabrics A/B - same color with A darker than B (for example A can be dark blue and B can be light blue) 
  2. Fabrics C/D - neutral color with C darker than D (for example C can be dark gray and D can be light gray) 
Tip: Before sewing on the final portion (portion number 9) check to make sure that you can cut a 12 1/2" x 12 1/2" block which how Alissa has portion 9 positioned. I had to move my portion 9 (so my off-set in step 6 was about 3 1/2" instead of her recommended 2") so that I could cut the full block.


Look at Faye's bundle of awesome-ness!!
What a delight to see in Show & Share (below) the "Comfort Quilts" you brought for the children at GHS and the Julie Valentine Center. This month Faye will be able to deliver eight (8) quilts.

In addition, we had a queen size quilt donated that will be presented to the Greenville Habitat for Humanities.

Faye expresses her thanks to each of you and to Madeline Faner for help in delivery to Habitat.

Show & Share

Lynne Harrill - two philanthropy quilts
Carole Alperin - quilt made from our GMQG January's BOM squares 
Debbie Graves-(left): Dad's quilt with remote controls called "Click, Click" & (right): quilt for a young friend "Minnons" 
Madeline Faner - Philanthropy quilt for a little girl
Didi Salvatierra- called Cave Man Square Dance. Contact her on how to make
Linda Cassell - made a Christmas pillow at a Paige Alexander workshop
Faye Jones - Philanthropy quilt made from our GMQG March BOM squares

Faye Jones- using a technique called Ruler Flip Quilting
Nancy de Jong - philanthropy quilt 
Valorie Kasten (left): Quilt with Riley Blake Rock Star fabric line  (right): Project result from last month workshop with Michelle Wilke

Valorie Kasten - two GMQG Philanthropy quilts (the right one could be a checker board game-neat idea)

Cindy Lammon - (left): Nautical quilt using Cheryl Brickey's pattern Canvas Lines (right): Pop Star @ My Quilt Infatuation

Cindy Lammon- Philanthropy quilt using Riley Blake fabric  
Leslie Riekert - Philanthropy quilt to be donated to Greenville's Habitat for Humanities

Next Month

Save July 8th in your calendar. Our program is featuring Cheryl Brickey. Her lecture is entitled "Subtracting for Minimalism: How to remove quilt composition elements for a minimalist quilt design".....Intrigued?  We hope you will join us from 1:00pm to 3:00pm at:

2310 East North Street, Suite A
Greenville, SC 29607


Sunday, June 4, 2017

Great Summer Line-up of Meeting Topics -- It starts on June 10th

It's a
featuring our guild members
Paige Alexander
Lynne Harrill

We have seen and admired Paige & Lynne's quilting work through the years .... and this Saturday, we have the privilege of getting to know them better.

At this week's mini Trunk Show, Paige & Lynne are going to be sharing about their quest in quilting.  Come be inspired. You will enjoy hearing both of their stories.

And speaking of inspiration, we hope you will bring your Show & Share, Block of the Month and Philanthropy projects so that we can see what you have been up too this month ;-)

Reminder from Cindy:

June, July and then...August Quilt Challenge reveal. It's just around the corner. Here are the Challenge criteria: 

Pattern name: Birds in the Air: http://mamalovequilts.com/2013/01/tutorial-birds-in-air-quilt-block.html .

Quilt size - not to exceed 36" on one side

Use at least three (3) of the 8 elements in modern quilt design listed below:
  • bright/graphic color palette
  • negative space
  • minimalism
  • no borders
  • improvisational piecing
  • alternate grid work
  • asymmetry
  • exaggerated scale
Note: the interpretation of this pattern is "open" to your imagination!!!!

We look forward to seeing and catching up with you this Saturday from 1:00pm - 3:00pm at 

2310 East North Street, Suite A
Greenville, SC 29607


Thursday, May 18, 2017

Highlights from May 2017 Meeting

May's meeting and workshop featured modern quilter and designer Michelle Wilke. May 12th was a rainy Friday night, but our meeting was full of color and inspiration!

Michelle not only shared her beautiful modern quilts along with the design inspiration for each, but introduced us to the idea of finding design inspiration all around us. 

She let us in on some of her design tools such as Design Seeds for pre-selected sparks and palettes, Play Crafts Palette Tool for creating a palette from your image, and Quilt Canvas, an online quilt design program.


On Saturday, May 13th, twenty of our members came back for more and experienced a hands-on quilt design workshop. We got a closer look at Michelle's quilts including this one, that features Ultra Wavy Quilting, a technique tutorial from Better Off Thread. We also loved the way Michelle often matches the binding color to her piecing. (Tutorial can be found at A Quilter's Table)

Altitudinal Ecosystem

Michelle's "Sunday Best" quilt is beautiful and she shared the story of how she improv pieced each of the blocks every Sunday as a way of distressing from the week.

Sunday Best


Even the quilt backs were beautiful...

Negative Crosswalk (back)

Michelle walked us through a series of design exercises, that stretched us out of our comfort zones, but then surprised us with what we were able to create.

Marilyn Hagopian, Garen Sherwood, Madeline Faner, Pat Davies

Cheryl Brickey

We designed on our own, and then shared our designs in small groups, with several people later sharing to the whole group.

Nicole McClelland and Susan Rink

Advice was readily available!

Jen Mosser and Michelle Wilke

Michelle's Bee Block inspired by road signs

Many of us were fascinated by Michelle's journal where she documents all of her quilt designs, including fabric swatches and measurements.

We may have all started out a bit uncomfortable with the idea of quilt design, but everyone walked away with a smile - pretty proud of what they'd learned and accomplished. Michelle did a wonderful job teaching us that modern quilt design is really not too scary!

Michelle also administers the Facebook group Quilt Design a Day, a good place to continue the design challenge!

Thank you, Michelle, for coming to Greenville!!!

Next Month

Our June meeting is right around the corner.....where we are having a mini trunk show featuring two of our GMQG members and their quilting journey.  Come join us on Saturday, June 10th from 1:00pm - 3:00pm at:

2310 East North Street, Suite A
Greenville, SC 29607


Sunday, May 7, 2017

Get Ready......Michelle Wilkie Workshop is this Friday & Saturday - May 12th & 13th

Greenville Modern Quilt Guild

Welcomes to Greenville, SC

Michelle Wilkie

Modern Quilt Design- Every Day Inspiration


Lecture & Workshop Agenda

May 12th, Friday evening 6:30pm at Bernina Sewing Center
Lecture: The Skill of Quilt Design
All are welcomed
Cost: Free to members; non-members $5
Light refreshments will be served

Program feature:
Quilt design, like most creative activities, is not second nature to most people. There are several facets to consider when designing, such as how to see and find inspiration, how to take an initial design and edit it, finding your own style then taking it from an idea to reality. 

Michelle will share her discovery and journey of quilt design. She will discuss where she finds inspiration, the importance of visualizing your ideas and how that translates into her quilts.

May 13th, Saturday 10am - 4pm at Bernina Sewing Center
Workshop: Modern Quilt Design: Every Day Inspiration
Workshop is FULL and limited to those pre-registered

Find out more about this photo at the workshop
This class will illustrate and step you through how to create a modern quilt design using inspiration from everyday things around you. Once you have a design, skills to turn that design into reality will be shared.

Workshop reminders

Bring your inspiration photos!!!

You can bring a lunch or order at 2Chefs Eastside by this Friday [For convenience, Faye is going to pick up the ordered lunches and bring them Saturday morning.

If you have questions or need a supply list please contact
Cindy Lammon at cindy@hyacinthquiltdesigns.com

The workshop starts promptly at 10 a.m. so arrive earlier to set up your sewing station. 

Please leave parking spaces around Bernina Sewing Center for customers. Additional parking is available next door to the left of the shop. 

Next Month- Save the Date

GMQG will meet Saturday, June 10th and will resume a normal program with Show and Share and Block of the Month. 

2310 East North Street, Suite A
Greenville, SC 29607


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Highlights from April 2017 Meeting

Greenville MQG

April Showers 

That is "April Showers" of events and happenings overflowed at our meeting this past Saturday, April 15th and it's only the middle of the month!!!! 

Let's start with the Wildacres Retreat Conference Center on April 7-9th. It was a huge success and enjoyed by all who attended. Sandy Helsel wrote and read us her poem that perfectly summarized the event. She had us all laughing with her funnies......

Left and Right: Sandy Helsel reading the poem so composed...then adding the humor that made us laugh (I blurred the photo laughing......sorry Sandy ;-0 )

For those of you who could not come this past Saturday, you have opportunity to read it below:

Wildacres Retreat

An exciting adventure for new friends to bind,
Breathtaking surroundings and trails to unwind.
Knowledge of character as well as techniques,
Warm tasty meals and cozy beds to seek.

Our workroom was roomy and well electrified;
Inspiration exploded as we sewed side by side.
The potters’ below us delighted by our designs,
And came for a visit at regular times!

Time lapsed so quickly as projects unveil;
Exciting discoveries completed our tale.
Our plans for next year are to retreat to Wildacres,
We hope more of you will join as partakers.

At the retreat, Faye Jones and Sandy coordinated a special sewing project called a Schlep Bag. You may ask what is a Schlep bag? Here are some of the finished ones to see from the retreat:

Schlep Bags made with fabric squares
The scenery surrounding Wildacres was beautiful as captured in these photos taken by Elise Dunbar and Didi Salvatierra:

Bottom left: A quilt started at the retreat.....Can you guess where their inspiration came from?
Bravo to Faye Jones and Sandy Helsel for planning out all the details of this event so that it could be enjoyed. And, did you read in the poem.....The dynamic duo are already hinting about a retreat next year!!!!

April Program Recap

The topic of our April Program brought to light not the black and white of how to copyright an original quilt design, but rather, focused on the many gray areas of copyright infringement. Cindy Lammon and Faye Jones provided us with some excellent research on the topic and then challenged us to a quiz.

Cindy separated us into three small groups to better discuss the quiz questions and determine what we thought was the right answer.  As the quiz revealed, a lot of these situations are not black and white, but gray because more than one answer to many of the questions seemed right.

In addition to the quiz, for further insight on the subject, Cindy has provided below, the copyright sources used for Quilter's programs:


Block Recycle Challenge

This month was the unveiling of the quilt projects made with our tucked away, hidden, unfinished quilt squares that someone else selected to take and reimagine anew. As you know, Faye's theory and challenge to us was a hidden away quilt square could be the inspiration to another. Our goal was to prove her right.

Our guest judge was Ms. Melinda Hoffman who is a contemporary artist in the Greenville, SC area. Melinda's three joys are printmaking,working with paper and oil painting. The Melinda Hoffman website showcases her work. Thank you Melinda for coming and participating in this fun challenge for our group. 

As you will see, we had nine (9) entries. It never ceases to amaze me the boundless creativity of our group. Here are the results: 

Dana Blasi-expanded upon her square and then capped it with a rectangle of flying animated Charley Harper-like birds

Michele Blake- took her square and continued it outward building upon the light and dark

Madeline Faner- She took February's BOM "Ellen's Snowball"and created an galactica effect

Paige Alexander- took a Pineapple Log Cabin block and creatively enlarged it 

Darlene Sanford-(left) created symmetry with her squares and then added a light background color to make them pop
(right) she created movement with fabric color by dividing one of her squares- it also provided her color continuity

Pat Davies- took a hexagon patchwork and created a flower

Valorie Kasten- took her square and made a stripe, then utilized different quilting patterns to create emphasis

Faye Jones- took her square and made a nine patch quilt with a touch of whimsy

Sandy Helsel- took her log cabin square and made a handbag
Well, do you think we proved Faye Jones right!!! I think so. These nine ladies are the proof. Our challenge winners received a personal handmade bag by Faye Jones. Congratulations!

Left to right: Faye Jones-Challenger, Madeline Faner -4th place, Paige Alexander- 1st place, Valorie Kasten-2nd place, Michele Blake-3rd place, Melinda Hoffman-guest judge, Dana Blasi-5th place

Additional items to note:
  • Madeline Faner, represented GMQG in delivering this year's Charity Quilt to our local Greenville Habit for Humanities. She provided us with the best feedback we could ever wish for -- They loved it!!! ;-)
  • We had a good turnout to our meeting Saturday, April 15th (for a holiday weekend). Paige Alexander reported a total of 30 in attendance. We had 28 members and 2 guests amongst us. Thank you all for coming and participating.
  • Three opportunities for GMQG members to hone your quilting skills with Johnnie McKenzie:
    • Ready, Set, Quilt
    • Quilt Making/Sewing Basics (upcoming: Walking Foot Quilting Session)
    • Mentoring Programs 
         If you are interested, email her to inquire and/or schedule a date at johnniemckenzie@att.net
  • Susan Rink is coordinating a carpool for the upcoming Western NC Quilters Show coming up the first weekend in May in Flat Rock, NC at the Bonclarken Conference Center. If you are interested or would like more information contact Susan at srink1000@yahoo.com 
  • Congratulations to the Door prizes recipients. We had four (4) lucky winners to win beautiful two multi-colored finishing thread sets and two quilting magazines. And, many thanks to the ladies who donated the prizes.
  • August Quilt Challenge announced!!!!! Here are the criteria for this year's prize-winning challenge:
    • Quilt size - not to exceed 36" on one side
    • Pattern name: Birds in the Air:  http://mamalovequilts.com/2013/01/tutorial-birds-in-air-quilt-block.html . Note: the interpretation of this pattern is "open" to your imagination
    • Use at least three (3) of the 8 elements in modern quilt design listed below:
      • bright/graphic color palette
      • negative space
      • minimalism
      • no borders
      • improvisational piecing
      • alternate grid work
      • asymmetry
      • exaggerated scale
  • Did you know - MQG has quilting episodes called "Fresh Quilting" available on online. Check it out!
Upcoming GMQG Events:
  • May 12 & 13th - 
    Michelle Wilkie - Modern Quilt Design
    Michelle Wilkie Workshop - Modern Quilt Design-Every Day Inspiration. Look for the workshop details on our website.  For the Friday night opener, all are invited to the social and lecture by Michelle on "The Skill of Quilt Design". It will begin at 6:30pm. The charge is $5. And, if you were one of the lucky ones to reserve a spot for the Saturday workshop entitled Modern Quilt Design-Every Day Inspiration, your supplies list are available with Dana Blasi at danabird57@bellsouth.net

Upcoming Outside Quilting Events:

Modern Skill Builder - Block of the Month

Submitted quilt squares for X Marks the Improv Block
Our March Block Challenge was entitled "X Marks the Improv" with the tutorial on the A Quilter's Table by Debbie Jeske
X Marks the Improv Block
Look at what we received on Saturday.....what visual energy. Good job.

Cheryl Brickey has challenged us for April with:

Block name: Half Square Triangle {Scrappy Strings Style} by Designer: Karen from Blooming Poppies

Block size: 8" x 8" unfinished, (7 1/2" x 7 1/2" finished)
Skills this block builds: Strings, use of prints in modern blocks

Fabrics/Colors: White background and brightly colored print strips, all colors.

Variation on the Tutorial: In Step 6 of the tutorial, instead of aligning the drawn line on the white background fabric so that it is parallel to the seam lines of the strip block, align it perpendicular to the seam lines.

As Karen suggests, Cheryl recommends starting with muslin of about 8 3/4" to 9" square.

Each set of one strip unit and one background unit will yield 2 blocks.


Last month, Faye Jones along with Cindy Lammon and Dana Blasi had opportunity to deliver GMQG charity quilts to the Julie Valentine Center. They were also given a tour of the facilities where the staff shared how much comfort the quilts bring to children when they are being examined. Follow this link to learn more about the Julie Valentine Center. We are making a difference.

Faye also shared she has ordered and received GMQG labels that can be sewed on your donated quilt. They will be available to members at our monthly meetings. This is a great personal added touch.

In addition, if you would like to be a part of the quilt deliveries to the Julie Valentine Center, please contact Faye birdie1345@aol.com.

Show & Share

Visual delight is how I would describe this month's Show & Share. Sometimes a photo does not do the quilt's justice. The fabric colors, design and the quilting were really exciting on each of the these pieces.  Thank you.
Michele Blake

Carol Kreson

Sarah Bookspan

Ruth Freyer

Faye Jones

Marcia Given

Valerie Kaston

Cindy Lammon

Sarah Snider

See what I mean.....we had an "April Shower" of events and happenings so far this month and there is still more going on and into May. Lots to inspire....Enjoy!

Next Month

Our May meeting is the Michelle Wilkie two-part workshop on May 12th - 13th.  Mark your calendars now....to come and join us Friday evening, May 12th at 6:30pm and then those who signed up for the workshop Saturday, May 13th from 10:00a.m. - 4:00pm at:

2310 East North Street, Suite A
Greenville, SC 29607