Monday, September 12, 2016

Highlights from September's 2016 Meeting

Cindy Lammon of Hyacinth Quilt Designs + GMQG Member
You know how you look at a quilt book and just fascinate at the fabrics, color combinations, patterns which create a visual design, quilt stitching, borders......well, that is how you would describe this month's guest speaker, Cindy Lammon's trunk show.

Each quilt that was unfolded for us to see was like turning the pages in a book -- gasping and marveling. And, instead of words on a page, she told us her story about how that quilt came to be.  It was a "real" page turner experience!

In fact, some of the quilt's she showed were actually from one of her four published quilt books. For all those who know Cindy, she is a delight. As mentioned earlier, she is a member of GMQG, but what we may have not known was how she started quilting. I like how she said it (paraphrased), she grew up around sewing....her Mother sewed beautifully, but sewed out of necessity. It was her Grandmother that sewed for the love of it. They influenced her as well as taught her how to sew.

Cindy started out in Nursing. Around that same time, in the early 80's, she signed up for a quilting class. From then to now, her story exponentially unfolds with her first "show quilt" in the mid-80's.
1st Quilt Show - "variation on Log Cabin pattern"

In 2000-01, she published her first book "Gathered From The Garden" which came about after successfully designing "blocks of the month" for a local quilt shop.  In 2007, she began her blog called Hyacinth Quilt Designs. It is here, she teaches, challenges and showcases her quilt works.

Below is a sampling of the quilts she brought for us to enjoy:

Thank you Cindy for a wonderful presentation----- She did not have "The End" in her story, so that means we will continue to benefit and enjoy her quilting creativity and creations.

Quilt facts about Cindy:

What brand of sewing machine does she use:  Bernina

What is one of her favorite quilting stitches:  Simple, organic lines using a walking foot

How does she hang her wall quilts:  She uses medium size Command hooks. She inserts a thin piece of wood in the quilt sleeve, then the wood that sticks out from the sleeve she slides on the hook. Plus, Command hooks can be removed!

QuiltCon East 2017 Charity Quilt is Underway ----

Our Charity Quilt is started. Hurray for GMQG!!!! Hurray to Valerie Kasten!!!! for organizing our Sew-In this past Saturday. Valerie purchased our fabric and then pre-cut it into blocks to be sewed. It made for a very productive time.

Thank you Valerie and all who came to assist her with sewing machines in tow.

Left to Right:  Paige Alexander, Michele Blake, Madeline Faner, Faye Jones, Pat Davies, Valerie Kasten,
Cindy Lammon, Sandy Helsel, Marcie Snyder

Cheryl Brickey, GMQG President (right) and Johellen George (left) have a joint quilt project featured in the Quilts from Quiltmakers 100 Blocks - Fall 2016.

Teaming up, Cheryl assembled the quilt and Johellen quilted it.

Their work is exceptional. Congrats to you both!

And, Paige Alexander (left) and Cheryl Brickey (right) have an upcoming book with Stash Books. Fantastic!!!!

In this phase of their planning, they have asked GMQG to participate in a special quilt project they are doing for the book.

Each person who signed up received a packet with a pattern, instruction and material to sew and bring back next month.

Show & Share

We definitely have an enthusiastic group. In our busy lives, it is refreshing and motivating to be a part of women sharing their talent.
Nancy DeJong - Baby quilt gift

Michele Blake - quilting tool bag

Cindy Lammon-Eight Point Star

Madeline Faner - Philanthropy quilt

Faye Jones- Quilt show entry "sewing on wool"

Cheryl Brickey's -her around the world blog group philanthropy quilt

Johellen George - Baby quilt gift

Valerie Kasten - wall hanging for mother-in-law

Paige Alexander - Modern Christmas pillow

Lynne Harrill - this year's designer of the Asheville Quilt Show program

Block of the Month

Faye Jones is mixing it up for us. Next month, she would like us to bring an already made quilt block that has been shut away never to be incorporated in a project.

She believes if we trade-in our shut away quilt blocks maybe someone else will find it inspirational. Can we prove her theory right?

We do know the outcome of these inspirations go to GHS Children's Hospital. This month Faye received six (6) quilts from you. Plus, you voted with her to expand our reach to nearby Spartanburg GHS. Thank you for steadfastly making a difference in children's lives as well as the staff at GHS.

Quiltcon East 2017 Announcements

QuiltCon East – Learn more about the schedule for lectures and workshops. Registration began on June 25th for all MQG members.  Remember MQG members can receive a FREE four-day show pass and member discounts, but you will need to sign-up through the MQG registration process to receive the free pass.
  • 9-Patch Challenge....Learn more. Submissions are due November 30, 2016.

Upcoming Quilt Shows

  • A Symphony of Quilts - quilt show sponsored by Lake and Mountain Quilter's Guild on September 16 -17 at the Shaver Rec Center in Seneca. PLUS +++Carole Kreson will be showing three (3) quilts here.
  • Quilting in the Pines sponsored by the Sandhills Quilt Guild is September 23 – 24 in Pinehurst, NC. 
  • MQG Town Hall Meeting is September 22nd -4:00pm EST

Be in the Know

  • Welcome... to our newest member this past Saturday as well as to our two guests. We are glad you came to join us. We currently have 52 members with 29 present at our meeting.
  • For our October 8th meeting remember to bring four (4) fat quarters of your choosing wrapped in a package. What is Faye up too you ask.....Well, she is calling it a "Dirty Santa Swap". Come ready for a participatory event. And, if you run out of time, you can always purchase your fat quarters at Bernina Sewing Center the day of swap.
  • Save the Date and plan to come for Cindy Lammon's next Sew-in Day on October 21st at Bernina Sewing Center from 10:00a.m. - 3:00pm. It is a day to enjoy sewing with friends. Snacks will be provided.
  • Membership Dues reminder: We want you to renew your membership for 2017 with us. Paige Alexander will be receiving our renewal dues of $35 in both October & November meetings. She can accept either check or cash. 
  • Here is the website to Wild Acres Retreat Conference Center where Faye Jones would like to coordinate a Quilting Retreat. It is a beautiful location near the Blue Ridge Parkway. Be expecting soon, a Survey Monkey, with questions regarding what you would like as a date, retreat activity and more. 

Next Month - Meeting Highlights

Our next gathering will be on October 8th from 1:00pm - 3:00pm. We will have lots to talk about with all the Quilt Shows that we will be attending in the next few weeks. Plus, it is that season, to vote for our 2017 GMQG Board, so it is important that we come and participate to make a quorum. And, as mentioned above, bring your four (4) fat quarters for the Dirty Santa Swap.

Come join us at:
2310 East North Street, Suite A
Greenville, SC 29607


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

What's Happening.......this Saturday, September 10th

Fall is in the air in Greenville, SC......and this is the season to get your creative spirit
charged for the upcoming holiday season and for formulating ideas for your next quilting project. And, there is no better way to do just that, than with our feature speaker this month. 

Here are some clues who it is:

She is a charter member of our GMQG

She serves as an advisor on our guild board

She made the quilts shown here in the photos

She is passionate about quilting

Okay, these are only surface clues.......there is soooooo much more depth and experience about our guest speaker this month, but I hope you will want to come hear more and see firsthand at the trunk show ....with CINDY LAMMON.


As mentioned last month, it has been confirmed that we can meet prior to our normal meeting time from 10:00a.m - 1:00pm at Bernina Sewing Center to begin work on sewing our blocks for the QuiltCon Charity Quilt. Come be a part of this special group project. 

Two options:  To join us early at 10:00a.m. or the normal time from 1:00pm - 3:00pm at:

Bernina Sewing Center
2310 East North Street, Suite A
Greenville, SC 29607

See you ;-)

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Reminder - Aunt Het Quilt Show

From Faye (Vice-President) - 

Many of us have expressed a desire to have a show of our quilts for our friends and families. Our resources, in terms of woman power and finances, are not conducive to a free standing show of our own. The Nimble Thimbles Quilt Guild has a long established show, AUNT HET (in Fountain Inn). 

The show chair, Ruth Bartholomew, spoke at our last meeting  to invite us to enter our quilts for this year. There is a possibility that, in the future, we may even have our own Modern Quilt category. 

This is an annual show with NO ENTRY FEE and is not juried or judged. Ribbons are awarded by viewer's choice votes. Entry is online and very convenient. To make it even more convenient, I (Faye) will pick up quilts from and return your quilts to a convenient drop spot.

Please consider participating, this is a great opportunity for us to generate public awareness of our guild and modern quilting.


Questions? Contact Faye Jones at  864-236-5787 or

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

August Highlights - Results of Black, White with a POP of Color Quilt Challenge

August 2016 Meeting Highlights

Thank you Paige Alexander for coordinating our first GMQG small quilt challenge (up to 36"). The theme was Black, White with a POP of color. And, we cannot leave out IMAGINATION as the operative word in the design aspect of this quilt challenge. Well, imagination was what ten (10) entries delivered. Take a look below at the varied designs. So that the entrant remained anonymous, our group voted by the number attached to the quilt. How would you vote?

Entrants #6-Paige Alexander, #8 Pam Loburk, #10 Debbie Graves, #9 Pat Davies and #2 Valerie Kasten 

Entrants #1 Faye Jones, #7 Nancy DeJong, #4 Michele Blake (bottom-left), #5 Carol Alperin and #3 Cheryl Brickey
The advantage of seeing these quilts up close was the workmanship and then to peek at the backside which are just as creative. It was a tough vote. But after one re-vote to break a tie, the Winners were (drum roll please)......

1st Place-Paige Alexander #6 entitled "Cursive"
 2nd Place-Pam Lobuck #8 "Bubbles in Space"
3rd Place-Cheryl Brickey #3 "Crush with Eyeliner"
4th Place-Carol Alperin #5 "Sinus Rhythm"
The winners received gift certificates to Bernina Sewing Center and a beautiful handmade prize ribbon by Paige.  Overall, the challenge was a success. Paige extends a thank you to all the entrants and to our group participation in the voting process. We had a total of 28 in attendance welcoming one new member.

Recap of July Sew-in Day

Cindy Lammon organized a Sew-in Day on July 29th. It was productive, it was fun, it was rewarding. One of the projects accomplished on this day was organizing and sewing the heart squares together.

If you recall, in June, our group was challenged to make a heart quilt square for the #QuiltsforPulse sponsored by the Orlando MQG group reaching out to families, friends, first responders impacted by the recent Orlando shooting.

In July, here are samplings of the heart quilt squares you brought in:

And, here is the results in August after the Sew-in Day:

Amazing!!! You can feel the heartbeats and heart warmth in this quilt.

In addition, we extend special acknowledgment and thanks to Carol Alperin for her custom quilting on this piece with meandering hearts to complement the design and to Cindy Lammon for sewing the binding to complete the project. Our group appreciates you both for your time and talent on this special quilt.

Cindy is working to schedule our next Sew-in Day for the end of October, so we will provide you that date soon.


August Block of the Month needs a little bit of introduction.

GMQG mission this year is to make children's quilts for the Children's Hospital at GHS specifically to children in an abusive situation. A new program they are beginning is pet therapy where traumatized children have opportunity to enjoy the love of a pet. Faye Jones, thinking outside the box, came up with a creative idea for the August Block of the Month. It is pet scarves for the dogs to wear when coming to visit the kids. Here is a sample she provided.

July Block of the Month was Wonky Cross Block Squares. Thank you to all those who brought in a quilt square for this month. We had some fantastic color pops!!

As we continue to add blocks of the month, remember you can participate in the current month block or go back to one of the previous months. We appreciate each and every contribution as well as quilt making experience to this worthy and impactful cause.

And, we also welcome donated quilts. Here are the quilts Faye will be able to present to GHS this month (again 7 is the number!!!!):

Valorie Kasten
Nancy DeJong

Faye Jones - the above 3 quilts
Madeline Faner (above and below)

Ways to Build Quilting Skills

Tips from our guild President, Cheryl Brickey:
  1. MQG Webinars - both upcoming and past quilt webinars are posted on the Modern Quilt Guild website . This is a way to learn technique, trends and so much more.
  2. Participate in a Quilt Challenge- one coming up is the Michael Miller Luxe Fabric Challenge
  3. Attend a quilt show.  Several are listed below in Upcoming Events.

Quiltcon East 2017 Announcements

QuiltCon East – Learn more about the schedule for lectures and workshops. Registration began on June 25th for all MQG members.  Remember MQG members can receive a FREE four-day show pass and member discounts, but you will need to sign-up through the MQG registration process to receive the free pass.

  • GMQG - we want to begin working on our Quiltcon East Charity Quilt on September 10th, prior to our 1:00 - 3:00 pm meeting time. Valerie Kasten is working to coordinate. Right now, she is looking at 10:00a.m as the gathering time. More details will be forthcoming.

  • Special Note: MQG has an open call out for the 2017 Quilt of the Month and Block of the Month programs. Submissions are due by September 15th.
  • Your quilt submissions for the quilt show can now be sent in. Deadline is November 30, 2016. How to submit a quilt for Quiltcon East show
  • 9-Patch Challenge....Learn more. Submissions are due November 30, 2016.

Show & Share

We had an impressive selection of quilt technique and designs this month. Marilyn,you were missed at our meeting, so I know you will enjoy seeing all of these. We wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to you resuming your perfect attendance next month ;-).  
Cindy Lammon -see more at her blog Hyacinth Quilt Designs

Didi Salvatierra - titled "Cave Man, Square Dance, Do si do (see more at

Nancy DeJong - using up her fabric stash (inspiring to all of us)

Carol Alperin-its just as fantastic & colorful on the backside 

Nicole McClelland- quilt for a newborn baby boy....isn't he lucky!

Faye Jones - Out of this world quilt for her grandson using wonky stars

Valerie Kasten-she used extra layers of batting to create greater dimension for wall hanging

Upcoming Quilt Shows

  • Quilting in the Pines sponsored by the Sandhills Quilt Guild is September 23 – 24 in Pinehurst, NC (Quilt submission deadline August 30). 
  • 2016 Aunt Het Quilt Show sponsored by Nimble Thimbles Quilt Guild, October 1-2. (Quilt submission deadline September 2).

Next Month - Fall is in the Greenville, SC

On September 10th, at Bernina Sewing Center from 1:00-3:00 pm, we will be featuring a trunk show with Cindy Lammon. Many of you follow her blog at Hyacinth Quilt Designs. In addition, she has authored four quilting books. You are guaranteed to be inspired.

We will also be announcing new candidates for guild office positions. 

And, at 10:00 a.m., same date, we are hoping to start working on the Quiltcon East Charity Quilt. We will be sending more information for you to begin planning.

Bernina Sewing Center
2310 E. North Street
Greenville, SC 29609


Monday, August 8, 2016

Meeting Reminder - Countdown to GMQG's 1st Quilt Challenge August 13th

Greetings All,

This Saturday, the 13th, at our August meeting, we are having our 1st GMQG quilt CHALLENGE!

Black and White with a POP of one color!

We hope you will plan to join us and better yet participate. 

Paige Alexander has put a quilt challenge to our group with a theme of Black/White with a pop of one color. Your finished mini quilt can be any size or shape up to 36" x 36". 

For more information refer to Paige's post at Greenville Modern Quilt Guild-May 2016 as well as to read her newest additions. Remember to bring your finished project enclosed in a bag, so the entries will be anonymous until after voting.

If you have a name or a title for your quilt, you can pin it to the quilt (optional). All entrants will have the opportunity to share about their quilt and design process. 

Also, do not forget to bring your July Block of the Month which is Wonky Cross Block Squares and any other Show and Shares you would like to bring.

It's going to be a fun time. Come join us! We look forward to seeing you.

August Meeting:

August 13th 
2310 E. North Street
Greenville, SC 29609


Monday, July 25, 2016

Reminder: Sew-in Day this Friday @ Bernina

Thank you so much to Cindy who has arranged our guild's first Sew-in Day.  


When:  Friday, July 29th from 10am - 4pm

Where: Bernina Shop

Who: Everyone is invited!  No registration or sign up necessary, just show up.

What:  You can sew anything you choose from your latest project to a charity quilt to the #QuiltsforPulse quilt top.

Lunch: On your own, you are welcome to bring lunch (there is a refrigerator) or go out

Snacks:  Cindy is bring some snacks and is looking for 1-2 other volunteers to bring snacks too.

To support the Bernina shop and thank them for the use of the space, we will be asking at each attendee purchase 1-2 fat quarters from the store.  We will hold a drawing at the end of the day for the fat quarter bundle.

Thanks Cindy for organizing this.  We hope to see you all there!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

July Programs Highlights

Quilt Evolution     

In the study of American quilts from past decades or even centuries to the present, the evolution of quilts reveal our country's history, current events and trends of the is a fascinating study. But, no matter when a quilt was made, the common thread for each one, is that of a story from the maker(s) of how that quilt came to be.......

This past Saturday, GMQG participated in this ongoing "Quilt Evolution" on multiple levels with:

  • Celebrating our first anniversary as part of the national MQG organization
  • Dana Blasi and Michele Blake trunk show
  • Outpouring of heart quilt squares for Orlando's Quilts for Pulse 
  • Our philanthropy block of the month and quilts for Abused Children
  • MQG selecting, our guild's president, Cheryl Brickey's "State of Being" quilt as the national quilt of the month for June
  • Show & Share
We hope your take away from our Saturday's gathering was one of ongoing inspiration for your love of quilting.

Here are our July Highlights:  

Happy 1st Anniversary to our Guild. We had a fun celebration with refreshments, giveaway drawings and one of the cutest cupcakes EVER to take home with us.

We extend a huge thank you to Marilyn Hagopian and Darleen Sanford for coordinating this special occasion.

And, thank you to all who came. We had 29 in attendance. As of our 1st Anniversary, we have a total of 50+1 members with six joining on Saturday.

Marilyn Hagopian and Darleen Sanford

Trunk Show  

Thank you Dana Blasi.....thank you Michele Blake for sharing your love of quilting with us Saturday. We enjoyed seeing the quilts you have made and telling a story about each one in such a way we could all relate. You captured our attention, made us laugh as well as appreciate your evolving process. Thank you!

Dana Blasi (above and right)

Michele Blake (left and above)


Cheryl extends her thanks again to each of you for the overwhelming response in sewing heart quilt squares for the #QuiltsForPulse movement to support the victims and their families of the Orlando
shooting. The plan is to make a lap sized quilt out of 12" x 12" (finished) heart blocks.  The quilt will contain 30 blocks in a 5 x 6 block arrangement making a 60" x 72" quilt. 

Next month, we will provide updates on how the quilt is coming together. Once complete, our quilt will be sent to the Orlando MQG for them to distribute in this effort. 

The photos above and below tell the story

July Block of the Month will be Wonky Cross Block Squares. Here is an example:
7 is the number........
Of quilts Faye Jones will be delivering this month to the Children's Hospital at GHS. Take a look below at them. Many were made from quilt squares you have sewn. Hurray!!!! 
Faye Jones (above & below)
Nancy DeLong

Michele Blake (above and below)

Cindy Clifton
Faye Jones 

Show & Share 

Cheryl Brickey's - MQG June Quilt of the Month
Nancy DeJong-quilt tribute to her beloved pup of 17 years.
EA Cox -Multi-colored hexagon quilt in the works
Sabrina Myers-beautiful fabric she dyed
Mary Kelley-scarf she made at Faye Jone's workshop
Paige Alexander-quilt published in Simply Moderne 5
Paige Alexander- conquered the curve beautifully!
Cindy Lammon-quilt coming to Hyacinth Quilt Designs.
Lara Whiting-great story about your quilt!
Patrice Ray & Tiffany Baird projects from a workshop

Upcoming Meetings:  



Paige Alexander has put a quilt challenge to our group with a theme of Black/White with a pop of one color. Your finished mini quilt can be any size or shape up to 36" x 36". 

For more information refer to Paige's post at Greenville Modern Quilt Guild-May 2016 as well as to read her newest additions. Remember to bring your finished project enclosed in a bag. 

If you have a name or a title for your quilt, you can pin it to the quilt (optional). All entrants will have the opportunity to share about their quilt and design process. It's going to be a fun time. We look forward to seeing you all there.


Sew-in Days with Cindy Lammon at Bernina on Friday, July 29th from 10:00a.m.-4:00p.m. Come for all or part of this day. For more information refer to Greenville Modern Quilt Guild-May 2016.

QuiltConEast – The schedule for lectures and workshops has been posted and can be found on MQG website or the link above. Registration began on June 25th for all MQG members. Submissions for the quilt show are now open.  Deadline is November 30th.  
The MQG has an open call out for the 2017 Quilt of the Month program.  Submissions are due by September 16th. 
MQG has upcoming webinars:
Ontario (California) Museum of History and Art is having an exhibit entitled Modern Quilts: Redesigning Traditions. The exhibit will run from December 1, 2016 through January 22, 2017. Visit their website for more information about submissions.

Quilting in the Pines sponsored by the Sandhills Quilt Guild is September 23 – 24 in Pinehurst, NC (Quilt submission deadline August 30)
2016 Aunt Het Quilt Show sponsored by Nimble Thimbles Quilt Guild, October 1-2. (Quilt submission deadline September 2)  
Ashville Quilt Show September 30, October 1 & 2 (Quilt submission deadline August 1) 

We look forward to seeing you next month on August 13th from 1:00pm-3:00pm at:
2310 E. North Street
Greenville, SC 29609