Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Highlights from December 2017 Meeting

GMQG 2017 Christmas Party Highlights

Festive   Festive   Festive

They always say pictures say a thousand words, so through photos, here are the highlights of this year's GMQG Christmas party and festivities:

We would like to extend a very special thank you to Leslie White and Team at Bernina Sewing Center for hosting us and providing the wonderful table decorations...."Cheery" is the word. You created a wonderful atmosphere and tone for the party.  

To our Christmas lunch coordinators (code name "Snow Troopers"), Cindy Lammon, Cheryl Brickey and Paige Alexander - you did a "WOW" lunch buffet that was enjoyed by all.

And, to our ladies who brought desserts, Elise Dunbar, Michele Blake, Dawn Holter and Leslie White all were "Spectacular" sweet treats.......and tasted fantastic!!!!

And, most importantly, the key ingredient to the Christmas party...."YOU".  Thank you for coming to enjoy.

Chinese Auction Fundraiser for GMQG

Thank you to all who donated items for this year's GMQG Chinese Auction. It was for a worthy cause -- to raise additional funds for GMQG. We had a varied selection of auction items to choose from that included:  two quilts made by Cindy Lammon, two Faye Jones original art pieces, a Bernina $10 gift certificate, Michele Blake Zipper Pouch, Gee Bends Coffee Table Book, an array of quilting material, tools, books and patterns and so much more. 

For those who purchased $1 tickets, it was a tough decision as we walked around the tables deciding which items to place our tickets.

As always, we hope secretly to be the winning ticket. Below are a few of our winning recipients.  Again, photos say it all.......

Thank you to all who participated in this year's auction. It was a huge success!!!

Recognition of our 2017 President 

Cindy Lammon has been an inspiration to us all this year as our 2017 GMQG President.  

We are so appreciative of her direction and leadership, event planning, organizational skills, and quilting talent.  She is truly a remarkable woman.

As special gifts to commemorate her time and service this year, the 2017 Board and Auxiliary Board presented her with a gift certificate from the guild along with a quilt wall hanging (which is still a work in progress because it needed our guilds special touch -- "your signatures").

Each quilt square was made by one of the Board and Auxiliary Board members featuring a pattern from Cindy's blog called Kisses using the Plus Block turned on point to create an "X" or a "Kiss". Faye Jones and Cheryl Brickey have donated their workmanship toward the project completion.

We applaud you Cindy. Thank you for a great year.

Cindy's Thank You's

In addition, Cindy was so thoughtful to recognize key members who were instrumental in contributing to the success of GMQG's many quilt projects, programs and retreats this year noting: 
  • Valorie Kasten - leading and coordinating Quiltcon's Philanthropy quilt and being one of the presenter's at the Piecing program
  • Faye Jones - leading and coordinating GMQG's Philanthropy quilts (counting 72 quilts donated this year by GMQG members) 
  • Cheryl Brickey - leading and coordinating the Block of the Month and her program presentation called Subtracting for Minimalism
  • Leslie White presenter of Machine quilting with rulers 
  • Faye Jones and Sandy Helsel - leading and coordinating GMQG's 1st Retreat
  • Dana Blasi - planning and coordinating with her on the Michelle Wilke workshop
  • Paige Alexander and Lynne Harrill for presenting at this year's Trunk Show
  • Michele Blake for her Zipper pouch workshop
  • Johnnie McKenzie for being a presenter at the Piecing program
  • Plus, contributors to the Las Vegas MQG victim & first responders quilt
And, amazingly, Cindy presented a beautiful handmade pin cushion to each of the Board and Auxiliary Board members for time and work contributed this year:

Fortunately, for us Cindy will still be on the 2018 GMQG Board serving in her new role as our group Secretary!!!!  

Meeting Items to Note:
  • Thank you, Leslie White, for the 30% Discount this past Saturday
  • Nancy deJong reported 27 in attendance Saturday 
  • Next month: Board transitions and new volunteers in 2018:  
    • Susan Rink will replace Cindy Lammon as incoming GMQG President
    • Valorie Kasten will replace Faye Jones as Vice President
    • Cindy Lammon will replace Marcie Snyder as Secretary
    • Marilyn Hagopian will be initiating a new role as the GMQG Librarian
    • Dagmar Theodore will replace Cheryl Brickey for coordinating the Block of the Month 
  • Save the Date for the upcoming Sew-in Day - February 16th
  • Next Month: January 13th program - Bring your first quilt piece for the "Getting to Know Each Other". More information will be coming as the date nears.


A note from Faye:

2017 Philanthropy projects for Quilts 4 Kids

There is an Old Wives' tale that claims quilts have a magical power to comfort and and convey love. I think we have seen this in practice at The Julie Valentine Center and in Spartanburg. The quilts you have generously made with love and care are being given to children of all ages who are victims of sexual abuse. The quilts comfort these kids as professional staff evaluate them and devise a plan for coping with the trauma of abuse. We, as individual contributors, do not seek nor receive recognition. I would like you to know that, as a group, we have donated more than 70 quilts over the less than 2 year life of the project and our quilts have become an integral part of CHAMP (Children's Abuse Medical Program). 

Thank you and God bless you for your compassion and generosity -- Faye Jones

Show & Share

Faye Jones - (left) Children's Quilt for charity (right) Quilt using the pattern Majestic Mountain 

Sarah Wannamaker - (left) made her son a library messenger bag with a slot inside for library card (right) comfy slippers

Cheryl Brickey - Quiltcon 2018 -Michael Miller Challenge quilt called "Pop Rocks"

Jean Gardeiner - (left) she made a laminated car trash bag (right) a doll quilt for Butterfly Ministry
Michele Blake - (left) a zipper pouch using lotus fabric for her yoga instructor (center & right) Christmas gifts using family recipes printed on tea towels (Resource: Spoonflower) 

Michele Blake -  Chevron design baby quilt 

Susan Rink - Twister Christmas quilt

Dawn Holter - (left) Christmas table runner (right) a special quilt for her pup

Valorie Kasten - (left) her quilt for charity using robotics (right) her original quilt design from Michelle Wilkes workshop
Dana Blasi - Thanksgiving quilt

Cindy Lammons- both quilts she donated to GMQG for Christmas Auction

As we conclude 2017, the Board would like to express our thanks for a successful year. 

Happy Holidays from all of us
(left to right) Nancy deJong, Paige Alexander, Cindy Lammon, Faye Jones and Marcie Snyder

2310 East North Street, Suite A
Greenville, SC 29607


Saturday, December 9, 2017

Christmas Party today at Bernina

GMQG Christmas Party Today
Saturday, December 9th

It's snowing this morning, but not freezing, so we are still planning to meet at Bernina.

We hope to see you there for lunch at 12:00 pm.

2310 East North Street, Suite A
Greenville, SC 29607


Sunday, December 3, 2017

GMQG Christmas Party - Saturday, Dec. 9th

We hope you will come join us for the

"Merriest" Event of the Year! 

It's GMQG's 3rd Annual Christmas Party hosted by the GMQG Board. It's a fun, lighthearted, social time to celebrate together our joy of quilting.  Here are the details:

Where:  Bernina Sewing Center
When:  Saturday, December 9th
Time:  12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

It all starts at noon with a light lunch and dessert. We will also be having a Chinese Auction. This is where you can buy $1 tickets and then place the ticket on the items displayed that you wish to win. Your odds increase if you place more than one ticket on an item.....it is totally up to you how to strategize it. The proceeds from the auction will go toward GMQG special projects and events in 2018. Participation in the auction is optional, so whether you choose to participate or not, the process is fun to watch unfold.

And, last, but not least, bring your Show & Share, BOM and Philanthropy projects, so we can enjoy seeing them.

  • (Optional) If you would like to donate an item for the Chinese Auction please bring it before noon on Saturday and we will incorporate it. 
  • IMPORTANT: 2018 Membership sign-up or renewals are due at the December meeting - After this date, you will be dropped from both our GMQG and MQG membership rosters. We do not want to lose you!! The annual membership fee is $35 (Cash or Check).
  • Please return any GMQG Library Books checked out. In December, we are going to establish a formalized "catalog" and check out program to begin in January 2018.

We hope you will make GMQG a part of your holiday plans.  See you this Saturday at:

2310 East North Street, Suite A
Greenville, SC 29607


Thursday, November 16, 2017

Highlights from November 2017 Meeting

My Lessons Learned:  In Making Bags and Zipper Pouches

Did we not have fun this past Saturday with Michele Blake? Her passion for making bags and zipper pouches was contagious. Through her wit, transparency and wonderful teaching ability, we all had opportunity to be immersed in her presentation as she shared about successes and failures in sewing bags and pouches of all sizes and design.

For Michele, her bags and pouches need to have both form and function. So whether she makes them as gifts or keeps for herself, she wants them to look great and be utilized. To demonstrate her points, she brought for us to see: her beach bag, knitting bag, cords and earbud pouch, sewing tool bag, casual boho travel bag.... just to name a few. 

Here are several of her bags upclose:

Michele offered some invaluable tips learned from her sewing projects (which were also included in her handout to us) :

Make samples of your interfacing thickness.  In the photo on the left, Michele made fabric and interfacing samples according to instructions, then wrote the name/type of the interfacing on the fabric side.  By having samples, she builds a library of different types of interfacing to better identify what she would like to use on a particular project or to be used in a pattern.

Keep a notebook of ideas, designs and projects.  Take photos of your finished works, go online to find both free and purchased patterns and her favorite sewing tool to hold zippers in place prior to sewing or matching finicky seams.....is glue. Her two most recommended glues are Fons & Porter glue stick and Roxanne Glue Baste It.

Michele Blake - Zipper Pouch Workshop

So, after visually being inspired by all of Michele's bags, for those who signed up for her afternoon workshop, we had opportunity to make one.  Michele's wonderful teaching ability had our flat pieces of fabrics transformed into zipper pouches in just a couple of hours.

Zipper Pouch Workshop in progress and then (right) several of the finished zipper pouches 

We thank Michele for her detailed preparation in both her presentation and workshop. And, for the special drawing to win a handmade bag (Congrats! Nancy deJong)

I think we would all agree....it was a "BIG" success.  Thank you, Michele.

And, a huge thank you to Leslie White at Bernina Sewing Center for providing us a great space to meet and sew.

Our 2018 GMQG Board

Congratulations to our incoming 2018 Board. Saturday was our official voting-in of our new Board members. They are:
President:  Susan Rink
Vice President:  Valorie Kasten
Secretary:  Cindy Lammon
Treasurer:  Paige Alexander
Membership:  Nancy deJong

We appreciate each of these women's talent and time in continuing forward the success of GMQG.

Beautiful response to the Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild

In less than a month, this is what your generosity was able to achieve. It is amazing! Cindy and Faye extend a huge "Thank You" to each of you that participated. You came through with abundance of quilt squares.

Additional, thanks and recognition to Leslie White, Paige Alexander, Faye Jones, Valorie Kasten and Cindy Lammon for their provisions of materials, equipment and/or time towards the quilting of the quilt.

GMQG quilt donation to Las Vegas MQG Quilt Drive to provide quilts for victims & first responders in Las Vegas
Meeting Recap:
  • We thank Bernina Sewing Center for the wonderful 25% discount on fabrics this past Saturday. 
  • We appreciate each of you coming an hour earlier for the meeting. Nancy deJong reported that we had 30 in attendance with 29 members (in which 3 were new) and one guest. 
  • It's that time of year for Membership renewal or if you have been thinking about joining this is the time. The annual GMQG Membership fee is $35.00 Cash or Check. Why join you ask?
    • You will be a part of the national Modern Quilt Guild Association (MQG) which provides access to invaluable resources, webinars, and monthly newsletters
    • You can receive a once a month 20% discount at Bernina Sewing Center
    • Participation in GMQG Workshops
    • And, other opportunities volunteered by our GMQG Membership (ie. Johnnie McKenzie sewing classes, Faye Jones creative workshops and more)
  • Our new Board are planning the 2018 GMQG monthly programs. Incoming President, Susan Rink and VP, Valorie Kasten welcome your ideas and suggestions. For those who were not able to attend this past Saturday, you can email your suggestions to Susan Rink at srink100@yahoo.com  or Valorie Kasten at spydeeland@aol.com. Please send before Friday, Nov. 17th.
  • Quilt Sewing Classes with Johnnie McKenzie. As Johnnie mentioned, these classes are "FREE" to members who would like to hone their sewing and quilting skills. Highlights of the class will be making a 16" Quilted Pillow Cover.  This is a wonderful opportunity to learn from one of the best.  If interested, please email Johnnie at johnniemckenzie@att.net for coordinating.
    Johnnie's sewing class project - 16" Quilted Pillow Cover
Upcoming Quilt Shows & Events:
  • Christmas is coming!!!! GMQG's Christmas Celebration will be Saturday, December 9th from 12:00pm to 3:00pm. As Cindy shared this is a time to enjoy the company of each other. We will be having a light lunch and desserts, Chinese auction and of course, Show & Share.  If you would like to donate an item(s) to the auction, it is for a worthy cause. All the proceeds raised from the auction will go towards GMQG special projects and events as needed.
  • Save the Date: GMQG Retreat 2018 at Wildacres Conference Center will be Friday, April 27th thru Sunday, April 29th. Faye Jones and Sandy Helsel are in planning mode. If you have sewing ideas for the retreat's group project, they would like to hear them.  You can email email Sandy at shelsel65@gmail.com  The retreat weekend cost will be $195.00 which includes housing accommodations, meals and gratuity.
  • Save the Date: NC Quilt Symposium 2018 is going to be held at University of North Carolina - Asheville May 31, June 1-3.
  • MQG items to note:
    • Quilt entries and registration are now open for QuiltCon 2018 coming up February 22-25th. 
    • Two QuiltCon 2018 Challenges this year are both due by November 30, 2017:
      • Michael Miller - Our Yard Fabric Challenge, and
      • American Patchwork & Quilting Flying Geese
    • Mini Swap - Sign up begins September 20th. due in Feb 2018 
  • "Fresh Quilting", the MQG show is airing on our local PBS channel on Fridays at 6 am and noon.

Modern Skill Builder - Block of the Month (BOM):

Cheryl Brickey has selected for the BOM a fun and very do-able design that when combined with other blocks has a high visual impact.

The name of the block is Slab Blocks.

Designer: Cheryl Arkison of Dining Room Empire

Block size: 12" x 12" finished, (12 1/2" x 12 1/2" unfinished)

Skills this block builds: Improv, scrap use

Fabrics/Colors: Start with a 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" solid white square, then add colored stripes (prints and/or solids) of the same-ish color around the white square until the block measures at least 12 1/2" x 12 1/2" then trim to size.

FYI - Cheryl Arkison's book Sunday Morning Quilts is available in the Greenville County Library for anyone who wants more instructions for slab making than are taught in the blog post.


How many quilts did you count that were made for the GHS and Julie Valentine Center kids? It was 13....I think this is our record number..... We needed confetti to fall from the ceiling and horns to blow in celebration!!! But instead, we can substitute paper confetti for the amazing colors in each of these quilts shown below in Show & Share.  The fabrics, colors and individuality of each quilt just make you feel celebration.  Thank you for your investment of creativity, materials and time for this worthy cause. You are applauded.

Show & Share:

Cindy Lammon - two quilts for charity (left) Pattern from Thimbleblossoms and (right) used various fabrics by Amy Butler

Bonnie Cunningham - quilt she made from a recent workshop with Pepper Cory
Elise Dunbar - her quilt for charity using GMQG's March Block of the Month - "X" Marks the Improv Block. Great job! 

Christopher Brickey - made a quilt for charity using the rainbow as his inspiration

Cheryl Brickey - new interpretation on the her "Plus Sign" design. In quilting, she used matching thread to fabric

Madeline Faner - a child's quilt she made for charity

Susan Rink - (left) a special friend and quilt mentor 70th B-day surprise (right) the back of the quilt...So pretty!
Michele Blake - three children's quilts for charity 
Dagmar Theordore - four patch posey quilt

Sandy Helsel - Information and photos from her trip to Houston for the International Quilt Show

Nancy deJong- (left) a whimsical Halloween wall hanging (right) two children's quilts for charity

Valorie Kasten - an improv quilt for charity

Faye Jones - (left/middle) two children's quilts for charity (right) a close-up of the center quilting on the middle quilt

Faye Jones - all about Christmas with quilted placemats, tree skirt and Santa wall hanging

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you. We have so much to be thankful for.  

We hope you will mark your calendars for next month's Christmas celebration on Saturday, December 9th from 12:00pm to 3:00pm. Set out your mason jar to begin saving your $1 for the Chinese auction ;-). More information will come by email as the date nears.  

2310 East North Street, Suite A
Greenville, SC 29607


Sunday, November 5, 2017

Nov. 11 @ 12pm - It's All About Handmade Pouches with Michele Blake

Could we exist without a pretty zipper pouch?

Think about it......it is the "perfect" way to organize and contain multiple items in so many ways  --- our make-up, special jewelry, fingernail polish and files, small sewing tools, office supplies, crochet hooks, charging cords/earbuds, and I think each of us could list more. You could even give a personalized handmade zipper pouch with a gift card inside as a Christmas present to someone special.

This upcoming Saturday, Nov. 11th at 12:00 pm (note "special starting time"), to mix it all up, our feature program is all about sewing tips for making your own 'handmade' pouches taught by GMQG's Michele Blake.

Over the years, Michele has made some of the neatest bags and brought to our Show & Share for us to see. Thus, to have her come and present her tips is a real treat.  Then, as an added bonus, after our GMQG program meeting, Michele will be hosting a Zipper Pouch Workshop. If you are interested in joining this free workshop from 1:30 to 3pm, email Cindy Lammon at cindy@hyacinthquiltdesigns.com *Note: For those attending the workshop, please click here for Michele's supply list.

Meeting Reminders:
  • MQG Dues for 2018: You can bring this Saturday for membership renewal. The amount is $35.00 - CASH or CHECK.
  • For those who checked out a book in October from the new GMQG library, please return this month.....and be sure, to check out another one of Lucky Spool Media books. 
  • And, last, but not least, do not forget to bring your SHOW & SHARE, Philanthropy and other sewing projects for us to see, enjoy and be inspired.

From Cindy Lammon:

A special update on the quilt for Las Vegas:

We needed 30 blocks to make our quilt for the Las Vegas MQG quilt drive. As of the Sew-In day, we received 32 and a couple more a few days later. We went ahead and sewed the top together at the Sew-In on Oct 20th. The quilt is now quilted and being bound. We'll have it to show at the November meeting and will ship it on November 13th making us very close to their Nov. 15th deadline!

Thanks to all of you who submitted blocks. The LVMQG is also collecting blocks that they will make into quilts, so we will be sending the extras that have been turned in. If you would still like to make a block or two, we'll need it by our Nov 11th meeting so it can be sent with the quilt. You all are amazing - I wasn't sure we would be able to complete it in time. Thank you so much! -- Cindy

We look forward to seeing each of you, this Saturday from 12:00 pm to 1:30 at:

2310 East North Street, Suite A
Greenville, SC 29607


Monday, October 16, 2017

Highlights from October 2017 Meeting

Honing Our Piecing Skills
that is 
Improv Piecing, Paper Piecing and Accurate 1/4 inch Piecing

Fabric in its various forms comes together by "piecing" to create the final design or visual look of a quilt before it is quilted.  And, this past Saturday, we had three talented GMQG members demonstrate a piecing technique in which they have honed their skills. In 15 minute intervals, we each had opportunity to rotate and have a mini lesson and for many of us, opportunity to pick up a few tricks, shortcuts or proven techniques. Thank you Valorie Kasten, Cindy Lammon and Johnnie McKenzie for sharing your expertise with us. Below are recaps from each of their respective  demonstrations:

Improv Piecing with Valorie Kasten:
Valorie sewed her strip pieces, cut strips apart by anglinig her ruler, then rearranged pieces to create an improv design. Her trick or recommendation is to take a photo when you like your improv design to refer to in the sewing process. Valorie's finished quilt utilizing improv piecing. Click here for Valorie's tutorial from this demonstration. 
Paper Piecing with Cindy Lammon:
Cindy's shortcut for successful paper piecing is using wax freezer paper for her paper piece pattern. She irons the waxy (glossy) side down to adhere pattern to fabric. When done the wax paper peels right off fabric.  Last is her quilt using this paper piecing technique. Click here to see Cindy's tutorial notes for Freezer Paper Piecing  
Accurate 1/4 Inch Piecing with Johnnie McKenzie:
Johnnie described frustrations we all face in piecing. We can sew two exact same fabric pieces together but when finished the blocks are different sizes. Why is that? Johnnie provided many insights and proven techniques for overcoming these sewing dilemmas such as iron the pieces the exact same, use an 80 weight thread, for better consistency and visibility use moleskin to mark 1/4 line on machine. Click here to see Johnnie's recommended tutorials for Accurate piecing.  


Congratulations to our fellow GMQG Quilters who participated in recent quilt shows and won awards. We applaud you!!!!
  • Asheville Quilt Show: 
    • Lynne Harrill, Valorie Kasten, Faye Jones, Paige Alexander and Didi Salvatierra
  • Aunt Het Show:
    • Cheryl Brickey, Nicole McClelland, Dagmar Theodore and Sue Bready
Good News:

GMQG now has a library!!!!

Paige Alexander entered our group in a contest drawing announced by Susan Woods, Editor at Lucky Spool Media to win several of their publish books. And, we are the winning recipients.  Many thanks to Susan and Lucky Spool Media.
(Left to right): Carol Alperin and Dana Blasi checking out the wonderful selection of Lucky Spool Media books
  1. It was wonderful to see the many new faces this past Saturday. Sandy Helsel reported we had 8 guests in attendance. We appreciate you coming and joining in with us.  We had a total of 36 present. 
  2. Thank you Paige Alexander for the quarterly financial update. She also announced our MQG dues for 2018 will remain the same at $35.00.  She will be receiving your renewal dues and/or if you would like to become a new member next month either by CASH or CHECK.
  3. Cindy's October Sew-In Day is Friday, October 20th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 
    Bernina Sewing Center. It is a relaxed, informal sewing time with lots of opportunity to visit. You can choose to bring your lunch or order with the group. For those attending, Cindy asks that you purchase a 1/2 yd of fabric at Bernina to contribute to the grand drawing where one lucky person wins it all!!

Next Month Meeting:
  1. Save the date: NOV. 11th our very own, Michele Blake will be our program guest speaker and workshop host.  Reminder note: Our meeting will begin at 12pm which will include our Guild Business, Show & Share and Michele's bag making tips. Then following, for those that signed up, Michele will be teaching a Zipper Bag Workshop. If you are interested in the workshop, contact Cindy at cindy@hyacinthquiltdesigns.com *Note: For those attending the workshop, please click here for Michele's supply list.
  2. Also, Nov. 11th, we will be voting on our new GMQG Board for 2018. Cindy Lammon reported our nominees will be:
    • President - Susan Rink
    • Vice President - Valorie Kasten
    • Treasurer - Paige Alexander
    • Secretary - Cindy Lammon
    • Membership - Nancy deJong 

Upcoming Quilt Shows & Events:
  1. Nov. 3 & 4 "The Stitches That Bind Us" Quilt Show presented by the UpCountry Quilters Guild. This year the show will be at Pickens View Wesleyan Church, 744 Bethlehem Ridge Rd., Pickens, SC 29671. Admission is $5
  2. Cobblestone Quilt Guild is hosting a workshop for "Introduction to Quilt Judging". It will by taught by certified judges Lorraine Covington & Kate Eelkema of the National Association of Certified Quilt Judging on November 10th and 11th.
  3. Save the Date: NC Quilt Symposium 2018 is going to be held at University of North Carolina - Asheville May 31, June 1-3. 
  4. MQG items to note:
    • Quilt entries and registration are now open for QuiltCon 2018 coming up February 22-25th. 
    • Two QuiltCon 2018 Challenges this year are both due by November 30, 2017:
      • Michael Miller - Our Yard Fabric Challenge, and
      • American Patchwork & Quilting Flying Geese
    • Mini Swap - Sign up begins September 20th. due in Feb 2018 
    • "Fresh Quilting", the MQG show is airing on our local PBS channel on Fridays at 6 am and noon.
Modern Skill Builder - Block of the Month (BOM):

Results of September's Block name: Aztec Block + Instruction overview video

Designer: Art Gallery Fabrics

Look at the blocks that were submitted:

Those who participated should be commended. They look FANASTIC!!! They each complement Cheryl's sampler above so well. This grouping of blocks will look so pretty in a quilt. It will be fun to see in the future!

October Block of the Month:

This month we will be supporting the Las Vegas MQG in their efforts to provide quilts to the victims and first responders involved recently in the concert mass shooting. 

Both Cindy and Faye have come up with a plan and need our quick participation in contributing quilt squares by Sew-in Day, this Friday, October 20th at Bernina Sewing Center.  Cindy will be quilting the piece and Faye will sew binding.  

Can we do it? From what our group has proven from past "special project" quilts, "YES, WE CAN"

Both Cindy and Faye provided us with a visual sample board of blocks they have already prepared for us to follow:

Here is the information you will need for making your blocks:
  • Block pattern @ Cluck, Cluck Sew:  Grayscale Quilt Block Tutorial
  • Finished block size:  10.5"
  • Note:  Press seams toward the color fabric
  • Also, if you would like to donate the backing or batting for the quilt please contact Cindy by email at cindy@hyacinthquiltdesigns.com
The finished blocks can be mailed to Cindy Lammon (contact her cindy@hyacinthquiltdesigns.com ) or dropped off at Bernina on or before Friday's Sew-in Day, October 20th. Thanks.


Did you count.....We had nine (9) quilts donated this month for the Julie Valentine Center.  Just AMAZING!!! Your ministry may not be evidenced directly, but if the response from our group in seeing your quilt, this past Saturday, is any indication, you can know a young heart will be blessed. 

Faye was so elated and wanted to convey her heartfelt thanks to each of you.

Show & Share:

I would describe this months Show & Share in one word: "Dazzle".  Dazzle because as you will see below each quilt "delighted the eyes" with creativity and color.  

Susan Sinclair - "Singularity" a Jean Nevitt MQG Quilt of the Month

Sandy Helsel - The little train that could.....applique train quilt for charity

Sue Bready- creative quilt with scrap pieces for charity

Susan Rink - two rounded cornered, colorful children's quilts for charity

Didi Salvatierra - (left) Patriotic flair quilt using a tutorial from Cindy Lammon (right) her vibrant "improv" wall hanging

Carol Alperin- quilted two quilts for clients (left) Tula pink fabric (right) Scott Murkin quilt pattern 

Johnnie McKenzie - her interpretation of pattern "This Way" Secondary Design by Judi Madsen

Dana Blasi - is with photo only- because her "ornament with cat paw" quilt sold to a proud recipient whose has just that cat  

Valorie Kasten - two charity quilts (left) Three Bluebirds quilt (right) effectively combining batik and patterned fabric

Valorie Kasten - Her quilt from a Denise Schmidt's class at QuiltCon 2017 called "Veronica's Paper Airplanes"

Faye Jones - two charity quilts designed by her (left) was made with September Block of the Months (right) Paper Doll quilt 

Faye Jones - "Tangle" inspired by Sherri Lynn Woods Modern Improv Handbook Techniques 

Cindy Lammon - (left) Charity quilt using plus block on point and (right) Backpack bag for daughter from Noodlehead 

As the holidays near, take time, in October to be inspired at one of many local art shows or outdoors enjoying the fall foliage. We look forward to meeting up again either at Sew-In this Friday, October 20th or next month November 11th at:

2310 East North Street, Suite A
Greenville, SC 29607