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Highlights from December 2017 Meeting

GMQG 2017 Christmas Party Highlights

Festive   Festive   Festive

They always say pictures say a thousand words, so through photos, here are the highlights of this year's GMQG Christmas party and festivities:

We would like to extend a very special thank you to Leslie White and Team at Bernina Sewing Center for hosting us and providing the wonderful table decorations...."Cheery" is the word. You created a wonderful atmosphere and tone for the party.  

To our Christmas lunch coordinators (code name "Snow Troopers"), Cindy Lammon, Cheryl Brickey and Paige Alexander - you did a "WOW" lunch buffet that was enjoyed by all.

And, to our ladies who brought desserts, Elise Dunbar, Michele Blake, Dawn Holter and Leslie White all were "Spectacular" sweet treats.......and tasted fantastic!!!!

And, most importantly, the key ingredient to the Christmas party...."YOU".  Thank you for coming to enjoy.

Chinese Auction Fundraiser for GMQG

Thank you to all who donated items for this year's GMQG Chinese Auction. It was for a worthy cause -- to raise additional funds for GMQG. We had a varied selection of auction items to choose from that included:  two quilts made by Cindy Lammon, two Faye Jones original art pieces, a Bernina $10 gift certificate, Michele Blake Zipper Pouch, Gee Bends Coffee Table Book, an array of quilting material, tools, books and patterns and so much more. 

For those who purchased $1 tickets, it was a tough decision as we walked around the tables deciding which items to place our tickets.

As always, we hope secretly to be the winning ticket. Below are a few of our winning recipients.  Again, photos say it all.......

Thank you to all who participated in this year's auction. It was a huge success!!!

Recognition of our 2017 President 

Cindy Lammon has been an inspiration to us all this year as our 2017 GMQG President.  

We are so appreciative of her direction and leadership, event planning, organizational skills, and quilting talent.  She is truly a remarkable woman.

As special gifts to commemorate her time and service this year, the 2017 Board and Auxiliary Board presented her with a gift certificate from the guild along with a quilt wall hanging (which is still a work in progress because it needed our guilds special touch -- "your signatures").

Each quilt square was made by one of the Board and Auxiliary Board members featuring a pattern from Cindy's blog called Kisses using the Plus Block turned on point to create an "X" or a "Kiss". Faye Jones and Cheryl Brickey have donated their workmanship toward the project completion.

We applaud you Cindy. Thank you for a great year.

Cindy's Thank You's

In addition, Cindy was so thoughtful to recognize key members who were instrumental in contributing to the success of GMQG's many quilt projects, programs and retreats this year noting: 
  • Valorie Kasten - leading and coordinating Quiltcon's Philanthropy quilt and being one of the presenter's at the Piecing program
  • Faye Jones - leading and coordinating GMQG's Philanthropy quilts (counting 72 quilts donated this year by GMQG members) 
  • Cheryl Brickey - leading and coordinating the Block of the Month and her program presentation called Subtracting for Minimalism
  • Leslie White presenter of Machine quilting with rulers 
  • Faye Jones and Sandy Helsel - leading and coordinating GMQG's 1st Retreat
  • Dana Blasi - planning and coordinating with her on the Michelle Wilke workshop
  • Paige Alexander and Lynne Harrill for presenting at this year's Trunk Show
  • Michele Blake for her Zipper pouch workshop
  • Johnnie McKenzie for being a presenter at the Piecing program
  • Plus, contributors to the Las Vegas MQG victim & first responders quilt
And, amazingly, Cindy presented a beautiful handmade pin cushion to each of the Board and Auxiliary Board members for time and work contributed this year:

Fortunately, for us Cindy will still be on the 2018 GMQG Board serving in her new role as our group Secretary!!!!  

Meeting Items to Note:
  • Thank you, Leslie White, for the 30% Discount this past Saturday
  • Nancy deJong reported 27 in attendance Saturday 
  • Next month: Board transitions and new volunteers in 2018:  
    • Susan Rink will replace Cindy Lammon as incoming GMQG President
    • Valorie Kasten will replace Faye Jones as Vice President
    • Cindy Lammon will replace Marcie Snyder as Secretary
    • Marilyn Hagopian will be initiating a new role as the GMQG Librarian
    • Dagmar Theodore will replace Cheryl Brickey for coordinating the Block of the Month 
  • Save the Date for the upcoming Sew-in Day - February 16th
  • Next Month: January 13th program - Bring your first quilt piece for the "Getting to Know Each Other". More information will be coming as the date nears.


A note from Faye:

2017 Philanthropy projects for Quilts 4 Kids

There is an Old Wives' tale that claims quilts have a magical power to comfort and and convey love. I think we have seen this in practice at The Julie Valentine Center and in Spartanburg. The quilts you have generously made with love and care are being given to children of all ages who are victims of sexual abuse. The quilts comfort these kids as professional staff evaluate them and devise a plan for coping with the trauma of abuse. We, as individual contributors, do not seek nor receive recognition. I would like you to know that, as a group, we have donated more than 70 quilts over the less than 2 year life of the project and our quilts have become an integral part of CHAMP (Children's Abuse Medical Program). 

Thank you and God bless you for your compassion and generosity -- Faye Jones

Show & Share

Faye Jones - (left) Children's Quilt for charity (right) Quilt using the pattern Majestic Mountain 

Sarah Wannamaker - (left) made her son a library messenger bag with a slot inside for library card (right) comfy slippers

Cheryl Brickey - Quiltcon 2018 -Michael Miller Challenge quilt called "Pop Rocks"

Jean Gardeiner - (left) she made a laminated car trash bag (right) a doll quilt for Butterfly Ministry
Michele Blake - (left) a zipper pouch using lotus fabric for her yoga instructor (center & right) Christmas gifts using family recipes printed on tea towels (Resource: Spoonflower) 

Michele Blake -  Chevron design baby quilt 

Susan Rink - Twister Christmas quilt

Dawn Holter - (left) Christmas table runner (right) a special quilt for her pup

Valorie Kasten - (left) her quilt for charity using robotics (right) her original quilt design from Michelle Wilkes workshop
Dana Blasi - Thanksgiving quilt

Cindy Lammons- both quilts she donated to GMQG for Christmas Auction

As we conclude 2017, the Board would like to express our thanks for a successful year. 

Happy Holidays from all of us
(left to right) Nancy deJong, Paige Alexander, Cindy Lammon, Faye Jones and Marcie Snyder

2310 East North Street, Suite A
Greenville, SC 29607


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