Monday, June 26, 2023

GMQG July 1 Meeting!


For anyone in town this weekend, I hope you can join us and bring your Modern Quilt Challenge Quilt!!

*may not represent actual cupcakes...

We are going to have a brief business meeting and vote on the Challenge, then cake and snacks with lots of socializing time while the tallies are counted.

After our break, we are going to have two members present mini truck shows, Barbara Stroup and new member Sey Bryant.  Then we'll take a look at all the challenge quilts and makers, and award prizes.

Celebrations of the day are the GMQG's 10th Anniversary and the Fourth of July!!

See you Saturday!!


NOTE:  The September meeting will be on the second Saturday--September 9, 2023!!

Friday, June 16, 2023

Highlights from the June 3, 2023 Meeting:

Our President Ava Moore called the meeting to order at 1:13 p.m.

Ava Moore opened meeting and spoke of next month’s Quilt Challenge in which we will discuss members’ new quilting techniques. We will be celebrating the chapter’s tenth anniversary with a trunk show.

Treasurer’s Report by Darleen Sanford:
Budget, $2780
Spent, $1700
Bank account, $5000

Membership reported by Jill Erickson:
Total membership, 63
14 members attending this meeting.
Guests, Linda Hines – Quilters of South Carolina Representative; Avis Dawkins; Chereyl

EQ8 Workshop, Given by Cheryl Brickey: will be on August 12. See Darleen Sanford.

Library, Ruth Freyer: Ruth discussed the possibility of organizing a separate section of the
library for quilting fiction.

Philanthropy, Cindy Lange:
All donated quilts were dropped off.

Landrum Quilt Show will be held at the Landrum Farmers’ Market, June 15-17.

Cheryel Budnaitis spoke of the SC Upcountry Guild. They will be holding a tee shirt quilt class
on June 10.

 Linda Hines spoke of The Quilters of SC Guild. Their retreat will be held in Myrtle Beach,
October 19-22.

Ava Moore gave a slide-show summary of the survey results in which 41 members responded.

Disposition of the February 2023 Quiltcon Challenge was discussed with no resolution.

Show and Tell:


Amanda Stegen showed her baby quilt from her iPhone that already went to the new arrival!


Program for Today: 

Amanda Stegen gave a detailed description how to navigate The MQG
website. Members participated on their laptops. 

We are working on a design for the 2024 Quiltcon Challenge. There were great ideas presented and we could not decide between two of them. A Design Team was formed and will be deciding on a pattern as the two ideas are worked on some more. Updates to follow.

14 Members and two guests in attendance.

Philanthropy – There were 8 charity quilts donated in our current meeting, Thanks all!

Meeting adjourned at 3:22.

Our next meeting will be Saturday, July 1, 2023.

Submitted by Phyllis Costa, acting Secretary for the day.