Sunday, November 7, 2021

November Guild Meeting

 The Guild elected the following Board and Committee Chairs for 2022.

Wildacres Retreat Report:

Dana and Faye will be co-chairing the retreat for next year. Faye reported that there were 10 very happy attendees for the retreat in November. They enjoyed having so much individual space in the workroom that Faye asked Wildacres if the Guild could have 2 dates for next year with a maximum of 14 each session. Wildacres will schedule us for our regular session of 12 bedrooms (24 attendees) in the spring.  It seems doubtful that they will be able to schedule us for a 2nd  session.

Philanthropy Report:

At present Laurel, Child Life Specialist, has 6 quilts in Greenville and 6 quilts in Spartanburg. For info about the Quilts for Kids program, including suggested sizes for the quilts, please see About Our Guild on our GMQG blog by clicking here: Philanthropy Program.

November Guest Quilter

The November presenter was Debbie Griftka who is known for her modern quilt designs, especially architectural structures. The following are snippets from the quilts she shared at the meeting.

The Guild sends a big thank you and round of applause to Debbie for sharing her fabulous quilts.