Saturday, December 31, 2016

Quilts for Gatlinburg Relief

 Call Out For Quilts

Dear GMQG Members,

There is a call out for quilts! We are all aware of the recent tragic fires in the Gatlinburg area. Many family homes and all personal belongings were burned to the ground.

I had opportunity to speak with our nearest MQG, Knoxville Modern Quilt Guild, to inquire about their “Quilts for Gatlinburg Relief”. Their plan is to collect finished quilts thru January 31, 2017 and deliver them to the Town of Gatlinburg for distribution. They said. "We have contacts in the area who will work to find the perfect place for your quilts."

In order to make it easier for those who wish to donate quilts, we will collect them at our regular meeting on January 14th. GMQG will UPS them to Gatlinburg on January 25th at no expense to the quilt donors (if you need extra time up to January 24th, please notify me).

The quilts do not have to be large or bed size. Lap quilts are fine. The quilts do not have to be newly made. They might be "retired" show quilts, display quilts that don't match your decor anymore, or just quilts that are forgotten in the linen closet! Their role is to provide love and comfort!

I would like to participate in this worthy cause and wanted to extend this opportunity to each of you in GMQG as well.

A personal insight:

Two years after my husband and I built our retirement dream home, it was struck by lightning and severely damaged. While we watched the firemen working to control the fire, a neighbor whom we did not know brought us a small lap quilt. She said her Mama kept a pile of quilts to give to folks who lost their home to fire. She was continuing her family's tradition. Words can't describe how comforting the quilt was. For the year we were out of our home, the little quilt was there to remind us of the goodness of neighbors and that we would have our home back in due time. We still have it and it still comforts.

Any questions or comments, please email me at

or call me at 864-236-5787.

Faye Jones, Charity Chairman GMQG

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Highlights from December 2016 - Holiday Party

GMQG Holiday Celebration 

 2016 holiday gathering

Good food 
Good fun
Good fellowship

Adds up to a festive year-end gathering.

The buffet lunch plus goodies were all delicious. Thank you Cheryl Brickey for coordinating this luncheon provided by our Guild.

In addition, our Chinese auction was a neat surprise and success. We appreciate the items donated by the Board and Advisory Committee for the auction. And, most importantly, we appreciate each of you for buying tickets! You helped build our GMQG reserves for upcoming guest speakers.

We had a variety of auction items to choose from such as fabrics, quilt books, clay pottery, candle, Bernina Sewing Center gift certificate, quilting paper templates, quilt magazines, magnetic pin cushion.....and more. WOW!!!!

It was interesting to watch those who purchased tickets determine what they "secretly wanted to win". We definitely have some strategist in the group, many placed multiple tickets on one item and then others diversified spreading their tickets on several items.

When it came to the drawing, we definitely had appreciative winners for each of the items. We congratulate each winning recipient. Enjoy!

Thanking, Cheryl Brickey

Look at the "thank you" quilt underway for Cheryl.  It's called a Spool Quilt with each square sewn by a Board or Advisory Board member.
Quilt in the works for Cheryl Brickey

Before it is quilted, our members were asked Saturday to sign the quilt. It added the right touch in personalizing it.

We look forward to seeing the finishing touches on the quilt in January.

GMQG thanks Cheryl for her work as President this year and previous years of leadership. In January, Cindy Lammon will become the 2017 President.


Six (6) is the number of comfort quilts that will be donated to GHS children hospital. These quilts are for children who have experienced abuse. Thanks to all for your time, talent and generosity. Some of you even worked in pairs to make a quilt happen........brillant!

Faye Jones

Fabric provided by Johnnie McKenzie (left) & Faye Jones (right) made the quilt

Fabric provided by Johnnie McKenzie (left) & Faye Jones (right) made the quilt
Cindy Lammon

Madeline Faner

Darleen Sanford

QuiltCon 2017 GMQG Charity Quilt

Valerie Kasten gave us a "visual" update on our Charity Quilt. Quilting is complete!!!!! Awesome. Next stage is the binding. Valerie, three words for keeping our project moving forward......Garcias, Merci, Thanks ;-)

Show & Share

Enjoyment is the word that pops to mind from our projects shown this past Saturday. Carol's enjoyment sewing hexagons to making a table runner for her daughter's Christmas gift. Paige's enjoyment in designing fabric for her nine patch quilt which started with hot wax at Faye's workshop. Enjoyment of three talented ladies (Carol, Nicole & Johnnie) each contributing parts to the quilt and enjoying the process along the way. And, lastly, Valerie's enjoyment of mixing fabric color, color and more color to create an awesome,whimsical quilt. I know we enjoyed seeing each.

Carol Kreson (above & below) hexagon pillow shams

Carol Kreson- Table runner Christmas gift

Paige Alexander- nine patch quilt

Carol Alperin (left) Quilter, Nicole McClelland (center) Binder, Johnnie McKenzie (right) Fabric

Valerie Kasten - visual impact of pairing up fabric color

Be in the Know

  • We had 27 members + 1 guest this past Saturday
  • Bernina Sewing Center is planning a "Big Fabric Sale" starting Dec. 15th
  • Sew-in Day - January 27th from 10a.m. - 4p.m. with Cindy Lammon
  • GMQG Retreat in the works - April 7-9th at Wildacres Retreat
  • Membership sign-up and/or renewal -January 14th with Nancy DeJong

Upcoming Meeting

Our next meeting is entitled "What is a Modern Quilt?" presented by Cindy Lammon. You will not want to miss. So mark your calendars for January 14th.

Happy Holidays to each of you and your families. We look forward to seeing you in January at:

2310 East North Street, Suite A
Greenville, SC 29607


Monday, December 5, 2016

GMQG Christmas Party -- Saturday, December 10th

GMQG Christmas Party 

It's been a fantastic year......come and join us this Saturday, December 10th to celebrate 2016 and the upcoming Christmas holidays.

The fun begins at 12:00pm. It starts off with lunch (provided by GMQG). Then, a fun time of browsing our Chinese auction.....Who knows you may find that needed Christmas gift!

We look forward to seeing each of you from 12:00pm - 2:00pm at:

2310 East North Street, Suite A
Greenville, SC 29607


  • Do not forget to bring your Show & Share and Philanthropy "unwanted" squares
  • Also, 2017 Membership renewal....December is the last month to "renew" for existing members. It is $35.00. Please see Paige Alexander or Nancy DeJong.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Highlights from November's 2016 Meeting

Quilting Spaces

Our quilting spaces are personal to us, set up just right.....for inspiration, efficiency, organization and most importantly, to sew and create quilts of all kinds. This past Saturday, it was one of those meetings where we had opportunity to crossover and see behind the scenes of many of our expert and diligent quilters by getting a glimpse into their "Quilting Space".

Eleven of you submitted photos of your quilting space/nook/room to Cheryl Brickey. Cheryl in turn put together a phenomenal slideshow so that each member who submitted photos could dialog with our group about their quilting space. It was interesting and insightful. I think we gained a greater appreciation for our quilting friends. Thank you Faye Jones, Cindy Lammon, Madeline Faner, Valorie Kasten, Dana Blasi, Carol Kreson, Sandy Helsel, Johnnie McKenzie, Paige Alexander, Didi Salvatierra and Nancy DeJong for your participation and to Cheryl Brickey for bringing it all together.
Of course, we definitely all walked away with some invaluable tips from our members who were featured so here are a few ideas noted:

-Flat surface ironing board was made with a metal cart on wheels and for the ironing surface MDF covered in batting and cotton fabric. The benefit was a larger ironing space as well as added shelf space below on the cart for storage.

-Utilize inside of a closet door to hang specialized quilting rulers....out of sight but not out of mind......easily accessed.

-Make a sewing table with two bookshelves. Turn the bookshelves (with 2 shelves) sideways, lay crosswise a pre-made table or countertop and/or simply a board and you have a sewing table plus storage.

-Add hooks to side of sewing table to hang those specialized rulers and tools.

-Wood can be your friend....take a solid piece of wood, cut grooves approximately 1/2" to an 1" in depth so the specialized rulers can be inserted and stand up.

-Lastly, a neat way to showcase your quilt competition ribbon awards. Utilize the height of your room, by making your ribbons the border. Simply take a thin, flat board and hot glue cork strips to it, then attach to the wall and begin adding your ribbons. It keeps the special award and memories visible!!!

All wonderful DIY ideas!!!!

Congratulations to our newly elected 2017 GMQG Board:

  President:  Cindy Lammon

  Vice President:  Faye Jones
  Treasurer:   Paige Alexander
  Secretary:   Marcie Snyder

Board Advisors
   Darlene Sanford
   Marilyn Hagopian
   Cheryl Brickey

And, a special thank you to members who participated in the GMQG 2017 program agenda survey. You all provided great feedback and ideas.....the fuel needed for the Board members to begin planning and strategizing for next year.

Recognition and Thanks

What's in Cheryl's bag?
Our current guild President, Cheryl Brickey has been in leadership for four(4) years (two years as VP and two years as President). When we (GMQG) officially joined the Modern Quilt Guild in 2015, Cheryl led the way.  We have all been inspired by her charisma and steadfastness in building a great foundation for GMQG to build upon. She is a spark that has greatly contributed to the sparkle of GMQG today. In December, Cheryl will be passing the baton to incoming president, Cindy Lammon.

So what was in her bag?  Beautifully sewn "thank you" gifts that she made and presented to various members who had worked with her through the years on special projects, organizational planning and implementation and/or instrumental in one of our meeting presentations. Each gift was so pretty and distinct and welcomed by the recipient. Thank you, Cheryl.

Be in the Know

  • It was good to see you all Saturday 🌝. We had a great turn out. Paige Alexander reported 27 in total attendance. Of the 27, we had 7 guests with four (4) of those becoming new members. Great news......Welcome! 
  • This is the season for 2017 Membership renewal....December is the last month to "renew" for existing members. It is $35.00
    • Why be a GMQG member?  Lots of reasons.......
      • Our parent organization, Modern Quilt Guild, has an abundance of resources, webinars and inspiration exclusive to members. Plus, free admittance to QuiltCon when you register.
      • 20% Discount at various fabric stores (ie. Bernina Sewing Center)
      • GMQG "specialized" workshops in 2017- reservations open first to our members 
      • And....many more.
    • To renew, please see Paige Alexander or Nancy DeJong at our next meeting on December 10th. They accept cash/check.  
  • QuiltCon East – It's practically next door to us this year in Savannah, GA. Learn more about the schedule for lectures and workshops. Registration began on June 25th for all MQG members.  Remember MQG members can receive a FREE four-day show pass and member discounts, but you will need to sign-up through the MQG registration process to receive the free pass.
    • 9-Patch Challenge....Learn more. Submissions are due November 30, 2016
  • GMQG Retreat - is in the planning phase for 2017. Faye Jones and Sandy Helsel are at the helm. So stay tuned!!!!
  • Cindy Lammon enjoyed the October Sew-In Day and thanks each of you who came and participated. We will continue to have more in 2017.
  • And, on Tuesdays at Bernina Sewing Center they randomly select bolts of fabric and mark it down to ⭐$7.00/yd. ⭐. It is a great way to save on a quilting project or add to your stash for the future.

Quiltcon 2017 GMQG Charity Quilt

Valerie Kasten is coordinating this amazing project for GMQG. Her dedication and enthusiasm to keep our quilt project moving forward is so appreciated. It is not an easy feat !!!! Last month, it was a series of blocks and here is what it looks this month. FANTASTIC!

Valerie Kasten, Project Coordinator (left) and Cheryl Brickey (right) variation of her Plus pattern design

Philanthropy- Block of the Month

As you know we are working to prove Faye Jones, right!!!! The past couple of months she has challenged us to bring in and donate our unwanted, packed away or unloved quilting blocks for someone (like you or me) to take home and be inspired by.  Her theory: "Your unwanted project may be the seed of inspiration for another".

Well, kudos to our group, we had a buzz happening around our Philanthropy table this month. It was quite a spectacle. Thank you to the overwhelming response.

Okay, here is Faye's next step instructions for us. Your assignment is to create an inspiring child's quilt for our Greenville Hospital System (in Greenville and Spartanburg). But, before they are donated, Faye wants to have a little competition. You have until April 2017. At our April meeting, you will anonymously bring in your quilt(s) for our group to vote on the results (Faye will announce several voting categories such as: Best transformation, Best Creativity, etc.).

Faye Jones, we accept your challenge ;-)

Now that the cooler season has arrived our "comfort" quilts for GHS are ever more important. Along with Faye, we extend a huge thank you to our following donors this month:

Nancy DeJong

Marilyn Hagopian

Cindy Lammon

Faye Jones (and several below)

Show & Share

Thank you to all who brought their wonderful works to share with us this month. Several of the projects shown were memory quilts (some still in the works), well loved quilts or represented a unique "like" that you have. It is amazing how textile can visually portray a personal story!

Another takeaway from our Show & Share were that several of you sought the expertise of a quilter for your special project. Two professional quilters whose work was recognized on one or more of the following projects this month were Carol Alperin and Johellen George.

Nicole McClelland - recently received an award for her quilt "Congratulations"

Carol Alperin - Memory quilt made of blue jeans

Carol Kreson (also below) - Quilts inspired by photos

Carol Kreson- table runner for a Christmas gift

Michele Blake- made a great bag....functional + really pretty!

Denise Frick- GMQG newest member

Tonya Morin (left) quilting enhancements added to a beloved quilt she made several years ago

Dana Blasi- (this and next three slides) working on a memory quilt

Dana Blasi (right) - King size quilt project for the fisherman in her life!

Cheryl Brickey's- challenge quilt square

FYI-Cheryl Brickey's quilt is featured in 2017 The Quilter's Planner

Cindy Lammon (also next two quilts) -what you can do with the shape of a triangle

The pop of red is just the right touch.

Magnificent colors 

Paige Alexander-quilt square challenge (also two projects below)

Paige led a workshop for a nearby quilt group where they made a quilted Christmas table runner

Paige's quilt challenge to modernize traditional patterns. 

Faye Jones (also two below)- Asian lanterns quilt for a friend

Faye's modern twist on curved piecing
Faye quilted with pink thread on white fabric to create an adorable, feminine quilt using a pink
and white fabric for the backing. The coordinated hanger was a nice sweet.

Tiffany Baird (also below) -experimented on quilting first then assembling quilt.
Turned out great!

Tiffany's table runner - a good conversation piece.

Next Month - GMQG Celebrates Christmas Together

It's that time of year. Come join us for our Christmas celebration on December 10th. We will gather at Bernina Sewing Center from 12pm to 2pm.

Join us for lunch, good conversation and if you want to participate, bring a few extra dollar bills for a fun auction. The proceeds from the auction are for GMQG 2017 projects.

Lunch will be provided - BYOB- (bottle water will be provided).

We look forward to seeing you at:

2310 East North Street, Suite A
Greenville, SC 29607