Saturday, December 31, 2016

Quilts for Gatlinburg Relief

 Call Out For Quilts

Dear GMQG Members,

There is a call out for quilts! We are all aware of the recent tragic fires in the Gatlinburg area. Many family homes and all personal belongings were burned to the ground.

I had opportunity to speak with our nearest MQG, Knoxville Modern Quilt Guild, to inquire about their “Quilts for Gatlinburg Relief”. Their plan is to collect finished quilts thru January 31, 2017 and deliver them to the Town of Gatlinburg for distribution. They said. "We have contacts in the area who will work to find the perfect place for your quilts."

In order to make it easier for those who wish to donate quilts, we will collect them at our regular meeting on January 14th. GMQG will UPS them to Gatlinburg on January 25th at no expense to the quilt donors (if you need extra time up to January 24th, please notify me).

The quilts do not have to be large or bed size. Lap quilts are fine. The quilts do not have to be newly made. They might be "retired" show quilts, display quilts that don't match your decor anymore, or just quilts that are forgotten in the linen closet! Their role is to provide love and comfort!

I would like to participate in this worthy cause and wanted to extend this opportunity to each of you in GMQG as well.

A personal insight:

Two years after my husband and I built our retirement dream home, it was struck by lightning and severely damaged. While we watched the firemen working to control the fire, a neighbor whom we did not know brought us a small lap quilt. She said her Mama kept a pile of quilts to give to folks who lost their home to fire. She was continuing her family's tradition. Words can't describe how comforting the quilt was. For the year we were out of our home, the little quilt was there to remind us of the goodness of neighbors and that we would have our home back in due time. We still have it and it still comforts.

Any questions or comments, please email me at

or call me at 864-236-5787.

Faye Jones, Charity Chairman GMQG

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