Friday, June 16, 2023

Highlights from the June 3, 2023 Meeting:

Our President Ava Moore called the meeting to order at 1:13 p.m.

Ava Moore opened meeting and spoke of next month’s Quilt Challenge in which we will discuss members’ new quilting techniques. We will be celebrating the chapter’s tenth anniversary with a trunk show.

Treasurer’s Report by Darleen Sanford:
Budget, $2780
Spent, $1700
Bank account, $5000

Membership reported by Jill Erickson:
Total membership, 63
14 members attending this meeting.
Guests, Linda Hines – Quilters of South Carolina Representative; Avis Dawkins; Chereyl

EQ8 Workshop, Given by Cheryl Brickey: will be on August 12. See Darleen Sanford.

Library, Ruth Freyer: Ruth discussed the possibility of organizing a separate section of the
library for quilting fiction.

Philanthropy, Cindy Lange:
All donated quilts were dropped off.

Landrum Quilt Show will be held at the Landrum Farmers’ Market, June 15-17.

Cheryel Budnaitis spoke of the SC Upcountry Guild. They will be holding a tee shirt quilt class
on June 10.

 Linda Hines spoke of The Quilters of SC Guild. Their retreat will be held in Myrtle Beach,
October 19-22.

Ava Moore gave a slide-show summary of the survey results in which 41 members responded.

Disposition of the February 2023 Quiltcon Challenge was discussed with no resolution.

Show and Tell:


Amanda Stegen showed her baby quilt from her iPhone that already went to the new arrival!


Program for Today: 

Amanda Stegen gave a detailed description how to navigate The MQG
website. Members participated on their laptops. 

We are working on a design for the 2024 Quiltcon Challenge. There were great ideas presented and we could not decide between two of them. A Design Team was formed and will be deciding on a pattern as the two ideas are worked on some more. Updates to follow.

14 Members and two guests in attendance.

Philanthropy – There were 8 charity quilts donated in our current meeting, Thanks all!

Meeting adjourned at 3:22.

Our next meeting will be Saturday, July 1, 2023.

Submitted by Phyllis Costa, acting Secretary for the day.

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