Friday, October 16, 2020

Quilt Quark Gallery - Joan Manfre

A WOMAN’S DREAM SHOWER is 38” X 45”.  It was created for our GMQG challenge this year using repurposed material.  The fabric was upholstery from my rattan set and was "sprinkled" all over with women’s hats, shoes, gloves and handbags on a black background.  I cut out the shoes and hats, and used Fray Check around each piece.  

The slanted rain was created from metallic silver thread and ruler work, and tape helped to keep the slants straight.  Bugle beads and glass crystal beads formed the raindrops.  Grunge fabric was used for creating the umbrella and background area.  

It was truly a labor of love sewing on all the beads!

~ Joan Manfre

"A Woman's Dream Shower" by Joan Manfre

Close up of raindrop beadwork.

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