Thursday, October 29, 2020

Quilt Quark Gallery - Cindy Lange

 I’m calling this one NYT Tiles.

I started making 9.5” square in squares blocks out of every bit of solid scrap and jelly roll leftovers I had in the house. I invited everyone. (Yes, I’ve begun to anthropomorphize my fabrics. It’s getting a little stir crazy in here.) I tried to lay them out end to end, but with the pastels and the neons, and the darks and the lights, a fight broke out. So I put them all behind black bars and that settled them down. 

I decided, in keeping with the y’all come aesthetic of the piecing, to straight line quilt the blocks in multiple thread weights and colors, using dove grey thread in the bobbin for most of the fabrics, black for the darkest ones. That meant I needed a busy fabric for the back. I’ve never bought Kaffe Fassett fabrics before, but I did some looking after Susan Rink spoke so highly of them at our last Zoom meeting.

Top, Kona solids, back Kaffe Fassett “Tiddlywinks”. 

57” x 78”

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