Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Quilt Quark Gallery by Faye Jones: The Three Amigos

The Three Amigos

The Three Amigos is an improv quilt based on modern design interpretation of photos of the El Thrifty Mexican Restaurant in Greenville, SC.

I am a member of Modern Quilt Lab, a group of artists who explore creating modern quilt designs based on specified inspirations, and this quilt was a recent MDL challenge.

I began by making three different but related large medallions utilizing the six-minute circle technique, basic shapes found in the photo, and high contrast black, gold and grey fabrics.  Different configurations were auditioned on the design wall, and black stripes to connect the elements were tried until the design seemed balanced.

The top was assembled filling in with light grey fabric.  That was the easy part!!!  

I took it out [to quilt] several times and could not come up with a quilting plan.  Finally I got the nerve to "just do it" and started outlining the medallions and connectors with walking foot quilting lines.  When there seemed to be enough linear work, I switched to a variation of Baptist-fan free-motion-quilting taught to me by Lynne Harrill.  There are three different sizes of fmq to provide some variety in the quilting design.  It was a difficult decision whether to bind or face as each strongly altered the look of the quilt.

Finishing this quilt helped alleviate some of the tedium we are all experiencing due to the corona virus crisis.

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