Friday, October 14, 2022

Highlights of the October 1st meeting

Valorie Kasten reported on the morning’s workshop; all the blocks were assembled for the 2023 QuiltCon charity quilt challenge. 

November 5The meeting will start at 10:00 a.m. and be brief prior to Speaker Sylvia Schaefer’s program and workshop, “Designing with Negative Space.”  We will break for a quick lunch (bring yours) and the workshop will begin about noon.  This is a non-sewing workshop, and the cost is $20.  Sign up by contacting Darleen Sanford.  There are 3 remaining spaces as of this writing.

Supplies:  No machines are needed, and a supply list will be provided when you sign up, which will include glue sticks and colored pencils (Darleen will bring her large supply to share as well).

December 3 – Holiday Lunch & Lottery Auction.  

Membership:  Jill Erickson

Seventeen members and four guests attended the October meeting.  

Holiday Lunch and Lottery AuctionJill Erickson

The Holiday Lunch and Lottery Auction/Raffle will begin at 12:30 p.m.  Auction items are contributed by members and can include items such as quilts, handmade items, fabric, quilting or sewing tools, holiday decorations, original art, books and other current publications, etc.  Contributions are encouraged.  Bring to the November and/or December meeting.  Contact Jill with questions.

Lunch will be provided.  This year we are going to have homemade soups/stews, salad, bread and desserts.  We need six desserts.  Contact Jill to sign up to bring one.  Dana Blasi, Faye Jones and Ruth Freyer are helping Jill with the arrangements.  

Block of the Month:  Valorie Kasten

“Taking Note” is the last block.  Valorie thanked everyone for their participation.  She will be providing quilting hints in November.

Elections:  Dagmar Theodore, Marilyn Hagopian

The nominees for the 2023 Board election are:

President – open.  Sandy Helsel has created a President’s Notebook containing everything you need to serve as the president.

Co-Vice President 1– Programs:  Amanda Stegen

Co-Vice President 2 – Programs:  Open ________________

Secretary – Dawn Holter

Treasurer – Eva Moore

Membership – Jill Erickson will continue to serve



Philanthropy – Duski Coleman and Cindy Lange

Library – Ruth Freyer will continue to serve

Social Media – Dagmar Theodore will continue to serve

Photography – Dana Blasi

Wildacres Retreat – Faye Jones and Dana Blasi

Holiday Lunch and Lottery Auction – open (Dana Blasi will help)

Block of the Month – Open _______________________


Vice President Darleen Sanford stated all present at the time can vote on the five Board nominees.  Prizes will be awarded. 


Treasurer’s ReportCindy Lange

As of September 30, 2022, the Guild has over $4,100 in its account.


QuiltCon:  Valorie Kasten

Valorie has received the Mini-Swap sign up.  She encouraged people to try it as it doesn’t require a big commitment and is a lot of fun.


Show and Share:





Marcia Trott spoke to us about her and David Trott’s work through their organization, Mary and Martha Services (“MMS”).  Made up of a network of volunteers, it aims “to help refugee families, disaster victims and other people in crisis resettle and rebuild a sense of home through the provision of in-kind donations.” 

Marcia reported on the delivery of the quilts provided by the GMQG and others to the Ukrainian refugees, which have been most gratefully received.  MMS is also working in conjunction with the Greenville Woodworkers Guild, which has been providing the parts to assemble bunk beds for those families who are here in Greenville.  They have made 15 so far.

The number of refugees is diminishing, although many continue trying to escape both Ukraine and Russia.  There are currently 362 people waiting for homes.


The 2022 GMQG Challenge Winners:

1st Place – Faye Jones

2nd Place – Barbara Sprout

3rd Place - Sybil Radius



Dana Blasi sitting in for Marilyn Hagopian, secretary, who was out sick!

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