Saturday, January 15, 2022

Highlights from the January, 2022 Meeting

 Program:  The Bletchley Park Stitch Project


Valorie Kasten presented our program on getting back to modern with an emphasis on improvisational  piecing in the 21st century. She gave a brief history of improv quilting which included photos of a work from ancient Egypt, an 1860 quilt from an unknown Welsh maker and examples of the quilts of Gees Bend from the 1920's. She also included  several QuiltCon winners as examples of modern improv.


Valorie has designed The Bletchley Park Stitch Project as our 2022 Block of the Month. The monthly blocks will explore some improv quilting techniques. She showed the January block and provided tips on how to make it. 

 Valorie has provided a detailed introduction to the Block of the Month Program and instructions for making our January block which are included below.


Bletchley Park Intro

Bletchley Park Block 1        


 From Our President: Sandy Helsel

 Our goal is to return GMQG to the status and interest it carried prior to the pandemic and regain the passion for modern quilting and fellowship we held as members. We are planning in person, open meetings at St.Giles for the year and at present, they will all be on the first Saturday of the month.

 Some new operation revisions:

            Room Set-up  A sign-up sheet for room set-up duty is at the sign-in table. Volunteers are needed to set-up chairs and tables for the meeting and then return them as found at the end of the meeting.

            Show and Share – in order to balance our time in the meeting so that each area has it’s allotted time period, the board decided that each person can show 2 quilts at a meeting. Philanthropy quilts will be displayed on tables. Members can include their philanthropy quilt in show and share, but it must be one of the 2 allowed.


VP – Programs:  Jackie Callis & Darleen Sanford

 Upcoming Programs: 

            February – Faye Jones on Big Stitch Quilting. Supplies will be provided for members to practice the technique.

            March – Mitzie Schafer from Jittery Wings with a program on “Controlled Improv”

            April – Ruth Pollow showing us her many Thread Painting designs. Ruth will be doing a workshop on April 9. The cost is $45 which includes most of the needed supplies.


Treasurer – Cindy Lange

The Christmas party auction income was $423 against expenses of $75.32 resulting in a profit of $347.68. Copies of the 2022 budget were on the membership table for members to review. Members who did not pay their dues as of January 5 were sent a reminder.


Membership – Jill Erickson

As of January 8, 2022, we have 40 paid members. 

Dues are $50 annually with $25 going to the national MQG and $25 remaining with the GMQG.

A member whose dues remain unpaid by January 31 will be dropped from both the GMQG roster and the national MQG. Members who join after July 1 will pay a prorated amount. The names of all paid members will be entered in the national MQG roster on January 31.  If you have any difficulty gaining access please contact Jill.


Philanthropy – Faye Jones

Faye delivered 11 Quilts For Kids just before Christmas. Many thanks to those who donated.


Retreat – Dana Blasi & Faye Jones

We have not yet received the dates for our spring retreat.


A Special Thank-you

Jill Erickson presented a quilt made by some of our members to Dagmar Theodore as a thank-you for serving as our 2020 President and for her continued willingness to help in any capacity.  The quilt was signed on the back by members.

Show and Share:


                                                             Janet Ginn



                                                                    Sybil Radius


                                                                  Nicole McClelland


Other members who participated in our show and share were Valorie Kasten, Dagmar Theodore and Faye Jones.


Our next meeting will be Saturday, February 5, 2022  from 1-3 pm at St. Giles Church, 1021 Hudson Rd., Greenville, SC.



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  1. Sounds like an interesting program; I'm so sorry I missed it! Looking forward to particpating in this year's BOM project. Susan