Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Upcoming Workshops

June 5:  Karen Eckmeier - Wiggles and Waves
Afternoon Lecture:  Inspired by the textures, lines and colors found in nature, Karen shares her love of curved piecing and collage, and how it led to the creation of her layered topstitching technique. Wild curves and dramatic angles may look difficult to do, but the process is really easy and quite relaxing!
Karen Eckmeier's
Wiggles & Waves

Color Twists & Leaves
Karen Eckmeier

Karen's Workshop (morning, 9-12 on June 5):
Color Twists and Leaves - Ease in to gentle free-form, topstitched curves in this technique and design workshop.  We will make abstract flowers that twist round and round and pairs of Layered Leaves embellished with yarn. Then experiment with different combinations to see which design layouts appeal best to you for making your choice of a wall hanging, table runner, table topper, a bag or the beginnings of a quilt top. Workshop cost: GMQG Members - $20/person; non-members $30.

Nov. 6 - Debbie Grifka - Lecture & Workshop - details forthcoming


  1. Are these workshops in person or Zoom? If Zoom, how do I sign up?
    Fran King

  2. Email the GMQG at greenvillemqg@gmail.com to sign up.
    Dana Blasi