Friday, May 1, 2020

May Influencers: Amish Quilters, Block of the Month

May Influencers: Amish Quilters - Center Diamond Block
Center Diamond Block

Amish women embraced the American craft of quilting and their focus on simplicity, utility and promoting community is an undeniable influence on the Modern Quilting Movement of the last ten years.  Examples of Amish-made quilts can be found from as early as the mid-1800s but it wasn’t until the 1970s that “Amish Quilts” gained an identity.  Amish quilts incorporate many quilting techniques and patterns.  A simple design aesthetic, which focuses on piecing geometric shapes with a bold use of solid color fabric, is the hallmark of Amish quilts.  This style inspired quilters and collectors in the late 20th century and helped renew interest in quilting.

The large scale Center Diamond (aka Diamond In A Square) pattern is one of the earliest Amish quilt designs.  This month’s block is an updated version of the design with a modern twist.

Click here to visit the blog for the full story and directions from Cynthia.

Click here for a pdf of the directions.

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