Friday, May 29, 2020

Quilt Quark Gallery by Diana Wiggins: My First Quilt!

Ta-da! This is my first official quilt!

Having been a sewer (or as it’s described now, a ‘sewist’) for a lot of years, I had dabbled in quilt-making but never with much intention or good results.  I am taken with modern quilts because of the clean lines, white space, and quirkiness.  So when we decided to live part-time in the SC Upstate, I had to join GMQG!  Since attending my first meeting last December, I have learned a lot from each meeting, from the books I have borrowed, and from many members... thank you! 

This quilt top originally was supposed to be the back of another top I made earlier this year but as I worked with the wonky blocks, I decided to make it the top side instead.  Blocks were all made with scraps I have had for years, and I completed the binding with a Kantha-like running stitch by hand.  I also used echo style machine stitching, one block at a time.  This will hang above one of our guest beds in SC using pockets on the backside to support dowels for stability and weight.  It’s been a lot of fun to see it come together and now it’s on to the next one!  I think this is going to become a habit...

Diana Wiggins

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