Tuesday, April 7, 2020

GMQuiltQuarkGallery - Cindy Lange, Daughters

Cindy Lange

If you are trying to do your best work now, my hat is off to you. I am easily distracted and simply trying to stay busy and think happy thoughts.

My design process for this quilt was something like:

I wanna look at pretty colors.

I wanna hear the machine go clackety.

I don’t wanna cut off a fingertip and end up in an overburdened ED so I’m gonna keep it simple.

I pulled out my favorite soothing colors and started making HSTs. As I made them my mind wandered and I thought about my three daughters, all of whom have April birthdays, and how, for the first time, we will not have a big April party together. And then I thought about how when a quilter cuts blocks out of other blocks, the second tier are referred to as daughter blocks. So then I made three daughter blocks inside larger mother blocks, because I wish I could surround them and keep them safe. And then I thought about how daughters are the double X chromosome sex. So I made three pairs of QSTs and put them smack in the middle.

I had a big piece of blueberry print fabric, but of course it’s never big enough, so I made an insert of stripes and thought of berries rolling through them like a maze and coming out safely in the end. After securing the seams with wavy lines, I quilted front and back together with doubles Xs.

First quilt of the pandemic period, completed.

-Cindy Lange

Cindy Lange, back

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