Friday, April 24, 2020

Call for Masks (again)

Dear kind and generous GMQG members,           

For the third time I am appealing for urgently needed masks.  I know many of you have stepped up and it was much appreciated by the recipients. 

We delivered 150 masks to Miracle Hill within a few days of the call for masks.  Previous to that, we made  more than 100 masks for Hospice of the Upstate.  It seems as if there is no end to the need for masks.

For those who are willing to make more masks, Project Host has a need for as many as we can contribute.

Project Host is located on Academy St. near Pendleton St. and serves daily lunch to 180 homeless and other severely disadvantaged patrons.  Their patrons are mostly men whom, besides food, need clothing and personal care items.  Most live in shelters, tent city or in a car and are asking for masks.  The numbers of clients are increasing daily, and there are not any masks to give them.  The six-member staff have masks made by one of the employees.  

If you wish to donate masks, men's clothing, or toiletries, I plan to deliver them periodically so there is no rush or pressure.  I am sure wearing a-mask will help make these high-risk, vulnerable persons feel a little more secure.

I can't promise this is my last call -    

Faye Jones   
Philanthropy Chair

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