Thursday, October 24, 2019

November 2, 2019 - Hand Quilting

Our program this month will be presented by our very own, Didi Salvatierra. Didi has been stitching professionally since 1990. Her quilts reflect a love of color, spontaneity and often humor. Many of you are familiar with her attention to detail and embellishments that infuse each piece of her work with vibrant visual impact. Didi has been hand quilting for others, teaching workshops and presenting lectures for many years.

Our Hand Quilting program will be multi-faceted. Didi will present a lecture, "Everything You Wanted to Know about Hand Quilting" followed by a hand quilting demonstration. Cindy Lammon will be assisting with a hands-on station for you to give hand quilting a try. All supplies will be provided. You'll even be able to take some batting samples home for further practice, thanks to a generous donation from Hobbs Batting.

There will also be some modern quilts on hand so we can learn how hand quilting can be incorporated into modern quilts! If you have a modern quilt that has some hand quilting, please bring it to the meeting to share with all of us.

A Few Reminders:

  • Election for the 2020 Board Members will take place at this month's meeting. You must be present to vote.
    • President - Dagmar Theodore
    • Vice President - Faye Jones
    • Secretary - Michele Blake
    • Treasurer - Cindy Lange
    • Membership - Sarah Snider
  • Our next Golden Hour Photoshoot will be November 4th at 5pm (weather permitting) at the Wyche pavilion behind the Peace Center. You must contact Elise Dunbar if you'd like to participate, otherwise she will not be there. 
  • Our last Block of the Month for 2019 is Tailgate.
  • Be sure to bring any items you have for our "Free to a Good Home" table.
  • Thank you for returning any library books you have checked out.
  • As always, we look forward to seeing your latest creations for Show and Share!
Hope you can join us, Saturday, November 2nd from 1-3 pm at St. Giles Church, 1021 Hudson Rd., Greenville, SC.

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