Friday, March 29, 2019

April 6, 2019 - Color Theory with Lewis Carl

We all know that color plays a major role in quilt design. One might even say that many of us quilt because we love to play with color so much! Plus it goes without saying, that we could all use some advice on mixing colors and the visual effects of specific color combinations. This month's special guest, Lewis Carl, will speak on color from a theoretical point of view. Hope you can join us and expand your knowledge of this important topic in modern quilting!

Please note: Lewis will be speaking at the start of our meeting at 1 pm.

Lewis Carl currently serves as an assistant professor in the Division of Art + Design  of the School of Fine Arts and Communication at Bob Jones University. He teaches the Foundations courses which include design and color theory, as well as the Fashion Illustration course. Lewis earned a BS in Graphic Design (1997) and an MA in Art-Studio Performance (1999), both from BJU. For 13 years, he served as a freelance artist and designer while also mentoring and teaching Bible within the surrounding communities of Venice, Italy. 

Lewis’ mixed media compositions fuse color, texture & shape, reflecting influences in his unlikely journeys—from living in the heart of the old textile capital of the southern US, traveling Europe and moving to Venice, Italy, and then returning back to Greenville again.

As he works, Lewis combines pieces of his used clothing, graphite, ink and paint to create abstract expressionist designs, reflecting the geometric tiles of the old world, while also paying homage to the textile patterns of the south.

See more of Lewis' work on his website: Lewis Carl

We will also be announcing the 2019 Guild Challenge this month!

A few items you need to remember for the meeting:

  • This month's Block of the Month is City Block
  • Please return any library books.
  • Workshops with Kitty Wilkin are May 31 - June 1.
  • The Spring Retreat is April 25-28.
  • Bring any items you no longer need to our Free to a Good Home Sharing Table.
  • As always, we love seeing your modern projects during Show and Share.
This month's program is a great opportunity to learn from an expert! Guests are always welcome at our meetings. Why not bring a friend!

Hope to see you Saturday, April 6th, from 1-3 pm at St. Giles Church, 1021 Hudson Rd., Greenville, SC.

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