Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Upcoming in February -Curves Workshop Supplies List

Sewing Gentle Curves Class by Lynne G. Harrill

When: Saturday, February 13th, 2016 from 10am - 3pm
Where:  Bernina Store
There will be an option for lunch, more details to come.

You can find the pdf about the class with all of the supply list information in an easy to print format here.

What to Bring: 

  • Sewing Machine with basic sewing supplies 
  • Rotary cutter and ruler 
  • Cutting Mat (min. size 18” x 24”) 
  • 8 Fat Quarters or scraps (see options below)

Optional, but highly recommended is a straight stitch foot — no. 13 for the older Bernina’s. Otherwise, a quarter inch foot works well or select a foot with the most narrow profile that you have. 

Fabric Suggestions

Option 1

  • Bring four fat quarters in one color family ranging from pale to dark. They may be solids or prints, just make sure the prints read like a solid.
  • Bring four fat quarters in a second color family in a range from pale to dark. Make sure the two families contrast well. Or you could substitute one color such as white or gray for the second family, in which case you would only need a half yard of that color. 

Option 2 You may also choose to merely practice on scraps. In this case bring strips that are between 1½” and 3” wide. The length can vary from 3” to 18” long.


Option 1: We will be sewing a log cabin block that starts with a rectangle and has slightly curvy seams, which will look something like this.

Then we will cut it down the center and exchange the left side for the right side. If you cut it longwise, it will look something like this.

However, you may decide to cut it crosswise or even into quarters. Finally, we will sew the sections together. One way is to sew a strip between the two halves and on top and bottom. Your finished project will look like this.

However, this is only one way. You can be creative on how you join your sections, especially if you have cut your block into quarters.

Option 2: This method is better suited to solid color fabrics and is much more free form. We will practice sewing strips together and then we will use those practice pieces to make blocks that range in size from 4” to 8” on a side. Eventually, after making six to twelve blocks you will decide you have enough, at which point you will sew them together.

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