Sunday, January 31, 2016

Lunch for February 13th Workshop

Because our workshop / meeting this February 13th (10am - 3pm) will extend over lunchtime we have some food options for you.  You are welcome to bring your lunch, go out for lunch, or participate in our organized lunch.

Faye has worked with Two Chefs for the following lunch option, "I have arranged for each of you who wish lunch from TWO CHEFS on the day our meeting on Saturday Feb 13th to PRE-ORDER. I will pick up the lunches that morning."

How to order:

Go to Two Chefs website:  Home | Two Chefs Deli

Pick anything on the menu (though as Faye is going to pick these up in the morning I would not pick a hot option).

Call the Two Chefs Eastside Location 864-284-9970 with your order.  ALL orders must be in BEFORE 4PM on Thursday the 11th.  Inform the server that your order is for the Greenville Modern Quilt Guild list and pay with your credit card.
Any questions?  Leave a comment below or e-mail Faye at birdie1345 (at) aol (dot) com

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