Saturday, February 14, 2015

Important Meeting Time and Location Changes

With 24+ people showing up to meetings, we have a very good problem that we are outgrowing our current meeting space at the Bernina Sewing Center.  A number of people indicated that they really liked the Taylors Library facilitates so for the next few months we are going to meet at the Taylors Library.  

Please note that we had to change the date of the March meeting due to scheduling at the library.  Three months from now, we will reevaluate our attendance and decide where to meeting going forward.  

Bernina has been wonderful to us and we are so thankful they allowed us to hold our guild meetings at their store.  We will be welcome to meet there in the future if we choose (and fit).

The meeting time and location changes are as follows:

March 7th - Taylors Library, 1-3 pm

April 11th - Taylors Library, 1-3 pm

May 9th - Taylors Library, 1-3 pm

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