Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Highlights from April 13, 2024 Modern Quilt Guild Meeting

Ava called the meeting to order at 1:02 p.m.

Today’s meeting was done in reverse order. Our program was first, followed by Michelle Giles

presenting Quilt Guild challenge, a break and then the business meeting.

Today’s program was presented by Scott Murkin, MD. Scott shared a trunk show of many of his phenomenal quilts and explained the inspiration for creating them.

Following are a few take-aways from Scott’s presentation:

Scott’s original inspiration was his grandmother. He began cutting pieces for her when she became arthritic. His Aunt Joyce also quilted.

Scott made his first quilt for his daughter (as a baby). Next he worked on one for him and his wife, his son, family and it grew from there. Scott has made approximately 600 quilts since 1994.

Scott thought he was a sole quilter continuing his grandmother’s legacy. However, he ran into other quilters and joined guilds. He learned from books and patterns and eventually started teaching. He has had quilts in QuiltCon and has taken first place.

His discussion included definition of “What is a Modern Quilt? “

• Bold use of color (originally solid but that word has been removed)

• High contrast

• Low volume prints

• Improvisational

• Minimalist/maximalist

• Expansive negative space

• Social justice quilts

• Alternative grids

• Scale – big things makings them tiny; something tiny making it large

Michelle Giles presented our challenge to be done for the June meeting:
You take a traditional block and make it modern. There are no parameters for this challenge. It can be a block, a table runner, a quilt, etc – whatever you create. You will receive a raffle ticket for each challenge project you complete up to 5 projects. The raffle tickets will be drawn at our December meeting.

• 1st prize - $200 cash
• 2nd prize - $100 value tbd
• 3rd prize - $50 value tbd

Business Meeting:

Ava started the business meeting with the following announcements:
  • Starting next month we will be back to 1 st Saturday of the month.
  • Quilts for the Mancuso QuiltFest need to be turned into Marilyn today or make arrangements for the next few days. Thank you to Marilyn for organizing our GMQG exhibit at QuiltFest!
  • Michelle Beachum has stepped down as Secretary, we are in need of someone. Our non-profit status requires that we keep minutes of our meetings. The secretary should also send out communications on behalf of the guild. Ava would love to have someone who wants to share their love of quilting and explore more about the guild.
  • Duski, Philanthropy – shared 3 completed philanthropy quilts and has a project remaining for someone to take home and work on.
  • Teresa, Membership – Introduced our guests. Two guests joined: Lori Garvey and Carla Swink.
  • Marina showed a quilt.
  • Dawn H, Treasurer – As of the end of March we have $6,191 in our bank account. This includes monies collected for upcoming Workshops. I entered prior year into our QuickBooks software and we ended the year with a positive $768 (this means we took in more than we spent).
  • Just a reminder that your dues paid to our quilt guild also cover your membership to the National Modern Quilt Guild. The dues to the National Modern Quilt Guild include a free ticket to QuiltCon.
  • The National Modern Quilt Guild annual Sew Along begins April 18, 2024. You can find the details about the Sew Along under the MQG Resource library. This years Sew Along is entitled “Satsuma,” it is an update on the traditional Irish Chain quilt inspired by the Satsuma orange peels.The quilt along runs for 8 weeks.
  • The following was shared by a member: Greenville Center for the Arts will showcase quilts from 6 artists from April 5 – May 29. Cynthia Seward and Lynn Carol are included.

Sew and Share:


Respectfully submitted,
Dawn Holter

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