Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Highlights from the April 1, 2023 Meeting

Our President Ava Moore started the meeting by giving us a program update for our next
meeting. The May program will be all about Ergonomics and having a better sewing


Then Ruth showed her Kawandi style quilts, which is what our June program will be all about.

After waking up to thunderstorms and rain, we had 12 gals for the Sew-In and there were 12
blocks completed for the charity quilt. Hats off to all that attended and thanks to Cindy and
Duski for organizing.


We had two guests for our April program. Both speakers were from the two charities that the
guild donates quilts to for babies and children in need.

Mary Bielecki, from the Nurse Family Partnership, explained how our tummy time quilts were
used for new mothers facing significant challenges to teach Adult-supervised Tummy Time.
These are first time mothers that are on Medicaid, as well as some additional criteria. The
nurses interact with the first-time mothers for up to two years and work to break the cycle of
poverty for newborns.

Our second guest was Laurel Wanner, from Child Advocacy Services, works with children who
have suffered abuse and traumatic situations. They work with children up to the age of 22,
especially if an older child is developmental delayed. After a child has been processed and seen
by a doctor, a situation where they have no control, Laurel will select two or three quilts and
allow the child to choose which one they want, so they can start to have say moving forward.

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Our next meeting will be Saturday, May 6, 2023, from 1-3 pm at St. Giles Church, 1021 Hudson
Road, Greenville, SC.

Sandy Helsel, fill in Secretary

Dana Blasi, Photos

Ava Moore, President

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