Friday, June 19, 2020

Quilt Quark by Cindy Lange: A Couple of Quilts for Julie Valentine Center

After visiting the Julie Valentine Center in early spring and being moved by their kind work, I resolved to make a simple children’s quilt each month for their benefit and to try something new for mine.

The multi-colored quilt is made from odd, leftover strips from jelly rolls.

The sea-blue quilt below holds triangle test blocks and hexagons made from an equilateral-triangle UFO appliquéd to Kona Celestial, a favorite color.  I thought they ended up looking like sea diatoms* so I quilted “waves” around them.

*Diatoms are algae and the only organism in the world that live within cell walls made of transparent, opaline silica, which are ornamented by intricate and striking patterns.

Cindy Lange

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