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August Highlights - Results of Black, White with a POP of Color Quilt Challenge

August 2016 Meeting Highlights

Thank you Paige Alexander for coordinating our first GMQG small quilt challenge (up to 36"). The theme was Black, White with a POP of color. And, we cannot leave out IMAGINATION as the operative word in the design aspect of this quilt challenge. Well, imagination was what ten (10) entries delivered. Take a look below at the varied designs. So that the entrant remained anonymous, our group voted by the number attached to the quilt. How would you vote?

Entrants #6-Paige Alexander, #8 Pam Loburk, #10 Debbie Graves, #9 Pat Davies and #2 Valerie Kasten 

Entrants #1 Faye Jones, #7 Nancy DeJong, #4 Michele Blake (bottom-left), #5 Carol Alperin and #3 Cheryl Brickey
The advantage of seeing these quilts up close was the workmanship and then to peek at the backside which are just as creative. It was a tough vote. But after one re-vote to break a tie, the Winners were (drum roll please)......

1st Place-Paige Alexander #6 entitled "Cursive"
 2nd Place-Pam Lobuck #8 "Bubbles in Space"
3rd Place-Cheryl Brickey #3 "Crush with Eyeliner"
4th Place-Carol Alperin #5 "Sinus Rhythm"
The winners received gift certificates to Bernina Sewing Center and a beautiful handmade prize ribbon by Paige.  Overall, the challenge was a success. Paige extends a thank you to all the entrants and to our group participation in the voting process. We had a total of 28 in attendance welcoming one new member.

Recap of July Sew-in Day

Cindy Lammon organized a Sew-in Day on July 29th. It was productive, it was fun, it was rewarding. One of the projects accomplished on this day was organizing and sewing the heart squares together.

If you recall, in June, our group was challenged to make a heart quilt square for the #QuiltsforPulse sponsored by the Orlando MQG group reaching out to families, friends, first responders impacted by the recent Orlando shooting.

In July, here are samplings of the heart quilt squares you brought in:

And, here is the results in August after the Sew-in Day:

Amazing!!! You can feel the heartbeats and heart warmth in this quilt.

In addition, we extend special acknowledgment and thanks to Carol Alperin for her custom quilting on this piece with meandering hearts to complement the design and to Cindy Lammon for sewing the binding to complete the project. Our group appreciates you both for your time and talent on this special quilt.

Cindy is working to schedule our next Sew-in Day for the end of October, so we will provide you that date soon.


August Block of the Month needs a little bit of introduction.

GMQG mission this year is to make children's quilts for the Children's Hospital at GHS specifically to children in an abusive situation. A new program they are beginning is pet therapy where traumatized children have opportunity to enjoy the love of a pet. Faye Jones, thinking outside the box, came up with a creative idea for the August Block of the Month. It is pet scarves for the dogs to wear when coming to visit the kids. Here is a sample she provided.

July Block of the Month was Wonky Cross Block Squares. Thank you to all those who brought in a quilt square for this month. We had some fantastic color pops!!

As we continue to add blocks of the month, remember you can participate in the current month block or go back to one of the previous months. We appreciate each and every contribution as well as quilt making experience to this worthy and impactful cause.

And, we also welcome donated quilts. Here are the quilts Faye will be able to present to GHS this month (again 7 is the number!!!!):

Valorie Kasten
Nancy DeJong

Faye Jones - the above 3 quilts
Madeline Faner (above and below)

Ways to Build Quilting Skills

Tips from our guild President, Cheryl Brickey:
  1. MQG Webinars - both upcoming and past quilt webinars are posted on the Modern Quilt Guild website . This is a way to learn technique, trends and so much more.
  2. Participate in a Quilt Challenge- one coming up is the Michael Miller Luxe Fabric Challenge
  3. Attend a quilt show.  Several are listed below in Upcoming Events.

Quiltcon East 2017 Announcements

QuiltCon East – Learn more about the schedule for lectures and workshops. Registration began on June 25th for all MQG members.  Remember MQG members can receive a FREE four-day show pass and member discounts, but you will need to sign-up through the MQG registration process to receive the free pass.

  • GMQG - we want to begin working on our Quiltcon East Charity Quilt on September 10th, prior to our 1:00 - 3:00 pm meeting time. Valerie Kasten is working to coordinate. Right now, she is looking at 10:00a.m as the gathering time. More details will be forthcoming.

  • Special Note: MQG has an open call out for the 2017 Quilt of the Month and Block of the Month programs. Submissions are due by September 15th.
  • Your quilt submissions for the quilt show can now be sent in. Deadline is November 30, 2016. How to submit a quilt for Quiltcon East show
  • 9-Patch Challenge....Learn more. Submissions are due November 30, 2016.

Show & Share

We had an impressive selection of quilt technique and designs this month. Marilyn,you were missed at our meeting, so I know you will enjoy seeing all of these. We wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to you resuming your perfect attendance next month ;-).  
Cindy Lammon -see more at her blog Hyacinth Quilt Designs

Didi Salvatierra - titled "Cave Man, Square Dance, Do si do (see more at

Nancy DeJong - using up her fabric stash (inspiring to all of us)

Carol Alperin-its just as fantastic & colorful on the backside 

Nicole McClelland- quilt for a newborn baby boy....isn't he lucky!

Faye Jones - Out of this world quilt for her grandson using wonky stars

Valerie Kasten-she used extra layers of batting to create greater dimension for wall hanging

Upcoming Quilt Shows

  • Quilting in the Pines sponsored by the Sandhills Quilt Guild is September 23 – 24 in Pinehurst, NC (Quilt submission deadline August 30). 
  • 2016 Aunt Het Quilt Show sponsored by Nimble Thimbles Quilt Guild, October 1-2. (Quilt submission deadline September 2).

Next Month - Fall is in the Greenville, SC

On September 10th, at Bernina Sewing Center from 1:00-3:00 pm, we will be featuring a trunk show with Cindy Lammon. Many of you follow her blog at Hyacinth Quilt Designs. In addition, she has authored four quilting books. You are guaranteed to be inspired.

We will also be announcing new candidates for guild office positions. 

And, at 10:00 a.m., same date, we are hoping to start working on the Quiltcon East Charity Quilt. We will be sending more information for you to begin planning.

Bernina Sewing Center
2310 E. North Street
Greenville, SC 29609


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