Sunday, June 23, 2024

Highlights of the June 1, 2024 meeting

Saturday, June 1, 2024 at Giles Presbyterian Church.

Meeting called to order by President Ava Moore at 1:02 PM
36 members in attendance

Business Meeting:
• East Cobb County Quilt Show is next weekend in Marietta, GA, June 6th – 8th. A very large quilt guild.
• Mountain Fest in Pigeon Forge this week, Tuesday through Friday
• Has anyone ever worked with MailChimp or experience in graphics?
• Guild update communication – email, Facebook, Instagram 

Board and Committee Reports:
• Social Media – Dagmar Theodore. Nothing to report.
• Philanthropy – Duski Coleman and Cindy Lange. Project boxes on the table.
• Membership – Linda Cassell and Teresa Melonson. New members, Lori and Renee welcomed.

• Treasurer – Dawn Holter. Nothing to report.
• Secretary – Sherri Eisenstein. Nothing to report.
• Programs – Dawn Bianco, Michelle Giles, and Barbara Stroup.

o Teresa started teaching her log cabin quilt class this morning and will conclude next weekend.
o Couple openings for the upcoming classes:
▪ Improv Curves with Faye Jones
▪ Foundation Paper Piecing with Johnnie McKenzie
o Will do show and share of challenge blocks later today
o Next challenge is in August for improvisational blocks. No other requirements.