Saturday, January 15, 2022

Highlights from the January, 2022 Meeting

 Program:  The Bletchley Park Stitch Project


Valorie Kasten presented our program on getting back to modern with an emphasis on improvisational  piecing in the 21st century. She gave a brief history of improv quilting which included photos of a work from ancient Egypt, an 1860 quilt from an unknown Welsh maker and examples of the quilts of Gees Bend from the 1920's. She also included  several QuiltCon winners as examples of modern improv.


Valorie has designed The Bletchley Park Stitch Project as our 2022 Block of the Month. The monthly blocks will explore some improv quilting techniques. She showed the January block and provided tips on how to make it. 

 Valorie has provided a detailed introduction to the Block of the Month Program and instructions for making our January block which are included below.


Bletchley Park Intro

Bletchley Park Block 1        


 From Our President: Sandy Helsel

 Our goal is to return GMQG to the status and interest it carried prior to the pandemic and regain the passion for modern quilting and fellowship we held as members. We are planning in person, open meetings at St.Giles for the year and at present, they will all be on the first Saturday of the month.

 Some new operation revisions:

            Room Set-up  A sign-up sheet for room set-up duty is at the sign-in table. Volunteers are needed to set-up chairs and tables for the meeting and then return them as found at the end of the meeting.

            Show and Share – in order to balance our time in the meeting so that each area has it’s allotted time period, the board decided that each person can show 2 quilts at a meeting. Philanthropy quilts will be displayed on tables. Members can include their philanthropy quilt in show and share, but it must be one of the 2 allowed.


VP – Programs:  Jackie Callis & Darleen Sanford

 Upcoming Programs: 

            February – Faye Jones on Big Stitch Quilting. Supplies will be provided for members to practice the technique.

            March – Mitzie Schafer from Jittery Wings with a program on “Controlled Improv”

            April – Ruth Pollow showing us her many Thread Painting designs. Ruth will be doing a workshop on April 9. The cost is $45 which includes most of the needed supplies.


Treasurer – Cindy Lange

The Christmas party auction income was $423 against expenses of $75.32 resulting in a profit of $347.68. Copies of the 2022 budget were on the membership table for members to review. Members who did not pay their dues as of January 5 were sent a reminder.


Membership – Jill Erickson

As of January 8, 2022, we have 40 paid members. 

Dues are $50 annually with $25 going to the national MQG and $25 remaining with the GMQG.

A member whose dues remain unpaid by January 31 will be dropped from both the GMQG roster and the national MQG. Members who join after July 1 will pay a prorated amount. The names of all paid members will be entered in the national MQG roster on January 31.  If you have any difficulty gaining access please contact Jill.


Philanthropy – Faye Jones

Faye delivered 11 Quilts For Kids just before Christmas. Many thanks to those who donated.


Retreat – Dana Blasi & Faye Jones

We have not yet received the dates for our spring retreat.


A Special Thank-you

Jill Erickson presented a quilt made by some of our members to Dagmar Theodore as a thank-you for serving as our 2020 President and for her continued willingness to help in any capacity.  The quilt was signed on the back by members.

Show and Share:


                                                             Janet Ginn



                                                                    Sybil Radius


                                                                  Nicole McClelland


Other members who participated in our show and share were Valorie Kasten, Dagmar Theodore and Faye Jones.


Our next meeting will be Saturday, February 5, 2022  from 1-3 pm at St. Giles Church, 1021 Hudson Rd., Greenville, SC.



Monday, January 3, 2022

January Meeting Agenda


Happy New Year and welcome to a new year of in-person meetings, return to fellowship, comradery, and inspiration.

Date: The January meeting is on Saturday, the 8th  as the first Saturday is New Year’s!

Time : 1 PM – 3PM

Location: St. Giles Presbyterian Church, 1021 Hudson Rd. Greenville SC

Membership: At this point we have 24, 2022 members paid, so if you have not paid your membership, please do so at this meeting. New Memberships and guests are welcome.

$50  are due by January 15th, 2022


Show and Share; Starting this year, we ask members to show only 2 quilts per meeting which do not have to be charity quilts. Charity quilts will be displayed on a table. If you wish to share your charity quilt as one of your 2, that is acceptable. For the month of January only, if there is one quilt you showed during our Zoom meetings that you would like to present in-person, this can be added to the two you may already be presenting.


January Program :

“The Bletchley Park Stitch Project ....doing the things no one can imagine.” 

 Presented by Valorie Kasten









2022 GMQG Board

President: Sandy Helsel

Vice President: Darlene Sanford/Jackie Callis

Sec: Marilyn Hagopian

Treasurer: Cindy Lange

Membership: Jill Erickson

Liaison to church, Nancy to continue

Meeting set-up: Sign-ups each meeting for the next meeting

Outside Speakers: Faye Jones

Philanthropy:  Faye Jones

Block of the Month:  Valorie Kasten

Retreat: Dana Blasi, Faye continues as Wildacres Liaison

2022 Christmas Luncheon: Jill Erickson

Library: Susanne Elswick

Social Media: Dagmar Theodore

Classified Ads ?


We look forward to seeing all of you on January 8th!


Sandy Helsel

Sunday, November 7, 2021

November Guild Meeting

 The Guild elected the following Board and Committee Chairs for 2022.

Wildacres Retreat Report:

Dana and Faye will be co-chairing the retreat for next year. Faye reported that there were 10 very happy attendees for the retreat in November. They enjoyed having so much individual space in the workroom that Faye asked Wildacres if the Guild could have 2 dates for next year with a maximum of 14 each session. Wildacres will schedule us for our regular session of 12 bedrooms (24 attendees) in the spring.  It seems doubtful that they will be able to schedule us for a 2nd  session.

Philanthropy Report:

At present Laurel, Child Life Specialist, has 6 quilts in Greenville and 6 quilts in Spartanburg. For info about the Quilts for Kids program, including suggested sizes for the quilts, please see About Our Guild on our GMQG blog by clicking here: Philanthropy Program.

November Guest Quilter

The November presenter was Debbie Griftka who is known for her modern quilt designs, especially architectural structures. The following are snippets from the quilts she shared at the meeting.

The Guild sends a big thank you and round of applause to Debbie for sharing her fabulous quilts.

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

October Guild Meeting

 President's Announcements

The December Guild Holiday Lunch will be at St. Giles on December 11th from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The Holiday Lunch committee will provide more information on donations and activities at the November meeting.

Volunteers for the 2022 Board and Committee Chairs are requested to send their names to the guild email address. Members will vote for the positions at the November meeting. The following positions are available. If anyone would like more information on the responsibilities of any of these positions, please email the Guild or speak with a current Board member.

1. President
2. Vice President
3. Secretary
4. Membership Chair

Committee Chair
1. Retreat Chair
2. Library Chair
3. Outside speaker coordinator
4. Block of the month coordinator

Dues for 2022 must be paid by mid-January of 2022 to ensure access to the Modern Quilt Guild website as soon as possible in 2022.

The Debbie Grifka workshops will be opened up to other local Guilds at the end of the week of October 4th. The meeting/lecture called Lines to Design will be Friday, November 5th from 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. at St. Giles. Debbie will present a slideshow and display some of her quilts. 

On Saturday, Nov 6, there will be two workshops:

Every Day Creativity: 9:a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Kick your creativity into high gear with Every Day Creativity!  Debbie will talk about her 2017 and 2018 100 Day projects, how she set herself up for success and what she learned along the way.  Attendees will work on a postcard project and a 10″ mini quilt and leave with strategies that can be used to create every day.  ($4 kit fee payable in class). Class Fee: $35

Improv Appliqué Workshop: 1 p.m.-4 p.m. 

Discover how fast and fun improv appliqué can be!  Attendees will use fusible web to design a quilt and explore different ways to stitch it down.  This no-stress technique lets creativity run free!  Class Fee: $35 

Signup by sending an email to You will receive a PayPal invoice or you can pay by check. Just let us know which you prefer.

Charity Quilts

More than 20 beautiful quilts will be delivered to comfort children in need this month. A heartfelt thanks to all members who donated for their generosity. To learn ore about our Quilts for Kids program, check out About Our Guild on this blog.

October Quilt Challenge

Members were challenged to create a quilt no smaller than 16"x16" and no larger than 20"x20" in the spirit of Maria Shell and the Gee's Bend quilters. 

The Judges' Choice award was presented to Cindy Kaiser for her quilt which she said she began piecing at the Maria Shell workshop.

The Viewers' Choice award was a tie between Cindy Kaiser's quilt and the following quilt created by Christina Strickland.

The judges and viewers alike enjoyed all the entries for their unique treatments of the challenge criteria. The following quilts were submitted by Sandy Helsel (left) and Valorie Kasten (right).

Show and Share

Thanks to the following members who shared some of their recent quilt projects: Jackie Callis, Linda Cassell, Faye Jones, Jill Erickson, Cindy Lange, and Johnnie McKenzie.

Friday, September 10, 2021

Debbie Grifka November Visit

For the November meeting, we have Debbie Grifka ( visiting in Greenville. She will give a lecture at the November meeting on Friday evening, Nov. 5 from 6-8pm, called Lines to Design and will include a slide show and quilts.


On Saturday, Nov 6, there will be two 3-hour workshops:

Morning Workshop, 9am-12pm:


Kick your creativity into high gear with Every.Day.Creativity!  We’ll talk about my 2017 and 2018 100 Day projects, how I set myself up for success and what I learned along the way.  We’ll work on a postcard project and a 10″ mini quilt.  You’ll leave with strategies you can use to create every day.  Three hours.  ($4 kit fee payable in class)

Class Fee: $35

Afternoon Workshop, 1pm-4pm:

Improv Appliqué

Discover how fast and fun improv appliqué can be!  We’ll use fusible web to design our quilt and explore different ways to stitch it down.  You’ll love how this no-stress technique lets your creativity run free!  Three hours.

Class Fee: $35 

How to Register

Signup by sending an email to You will receive a PayPal invoice or you can pay by check. Just let us know which you prefer.

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

September Guild Meeting

 Key notes from the September meeting:

  • A new formatting was implementing for the Member Quilting Services directory on our website. Send details of quilting services or items for sale or for free to the guild email for posting in the directory.
  • Let Sandy or Faye know if you would like to attend the Wildacres retreat. Two spots are open.
  • Check out the Facebook Greenville Modern Quilt Guild Members Group for details on the November meeting with Debbie Grifka. To sign up for the Saturday workshops, email your request to the guild email address. The November guild meeting will be held Friday, Nov. 5 from 6 - 8 p.m. 
  • October Guild Meeting:  It's our guild challenge. Watch for special details on how to submit your challenge quilts.
Presentation: Just One Charm Pack by Cheryl Brickey

Cheryl shared many "behind the scenes" glimpses into the making of her book...pattern design, fabric choices, and quilting choices. She also shared fun and fascinating facts about how the book came together, for example, how her quilts were photographed. The publisher shot the quilts in an AirBnB and allowed Cheryl to choose the photos for the book. 

Many guild members contributed to Just One Charm Pack by making one of the quilts or quilting one. Cheryl passed along her appreciation to these members: Sandy Henzel, Dana Blasi, Faye Jones, Carol Alperin, Cindy Kaiser, Michele Blake, Sarah Snider, Cindy Lammon, Cindy Hocker Lange, Garen Sherwood, Delia Dorn, Ruth Freyer, Travis Steward, and Darleen Sanford. Guild members will receive an email with a link to a GuildDeal special on her book and patterns.